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3 potential breakout players for the Texans in the 2022 NFL season

It’s been a wild few years for this franchise but the Houston Texans have finally set themselves up with a roster with plenty of young talent. We’ll see how they play this year, as the inexperience within the team will likely prevent them from reaching massive success. However, there are plenty of opportunities for someone to step up and become a major contributor. With that in mind, we look at three potential breakout players for the Texans’ upcoming 2022 season.

Houston has a handful of exciting second-year players on the roster right now. Some of them are going to have an opportunity to play a major role for the Texans. Two of them play for the offense and could be strong contributors to this franchise for years to come. If they break out in the 2022 season, then this franchise will be set up nicely this time next year.

Meanwhile, the Texans walked out of the 2022 NFL Draft with multiple exciting rookies. However, one stands out as a potential superstar from the get-go. Teams are going to attempt to pick apart the secondary, but luckily for Houston, they have an exciting prospect at the cornerback position.

With that said, here are three potential breakout players for the Texans’ 2022 season.

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Texans Breakout Players For The 2022 NFL Season

3. Nico Collins

Many had Nico Collins pegged as a sleeper pick for the Texans last year when they selected him in the 2021 NFL Draft. He flashed potential while developing his game. Now, with a year under his belt and a proper training camp, Collins has a real chance to supplant himself as Houston’s second pass option behind Brandin Cooks.

At 6’4″, Nico Collins has the size to compete with any cornerback in the league. He can be a legitimate red-zone threat who goes up and reels down the tough catches. The Texans might have a gem on their hands but Collins is going to have to prove it in the 2022 season.

2. Davis Mills

Davis Mills was a pleasant surprise last year after stepping and playing well for Tyrod Taylor. He proved himself, as he was arguably the best rookie quarterback of his class last season. Now, the starting role belongs to him. Many speculate the Texans will be drafting a rookie quarterback next year, but if Mills plays well enough, Houston can continue building the roster around him.

The Texans would greatly benefit from Davis Mills breaking out. They could already have a franchise quarterback on their hands after trading away Deshaun Watson. This would be an ideal situation for Houston, as he can be a star quarterback for years to come. However, he must prove that in the upcoming season.

1. Derek Stingley Jr. 

Derek Stingley Jr. has “future superstar” written all over him. He was a shutdown cornerback throughout his collegiate career and there is no reason to believe that stops in the NFL. The Texans clearly think highly of him, as they selected him third overall. He will be one of the starting cornerbacks in the secondary and will likely hold that position for as long as his career lasts.

He is the type of player the Texans need on their roster. It’s been a tough stretch recently, but Derek Stingley Jr. is someone the front office can build around. Look for him to make big plays for this defense throughout his rookie campaign, as Stingley Jr. is ready for the big stage.

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