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3 teams that will likely pick first in the 2023 NFL Draft

Before the start of any NFL season, a fanbase, and even the players themselves, no matter how horrific they were the season prior, will head into the new year clinging onto renewed hope.

A new season brings new expectations and goals, despite how far-fetched they may seem. Still, regardless of the overwhelming belief of an NFL team’s supporters, it doesn’t take long before they realize that they are in for a long year.

Hopes and dreams begin to fade as the losses accumulate and the frustration builds. With the 2022 season inching closer, we’re here for one reason and one reason only…to candidly discuss the cold reality of certain NFL teams.

The 2023 NFL Draft is expected to be jam-packed with talent. In order to get their hands on some of the more elite-level players, fans will have to endure a painfully brutal season. But which fanbase can expect an unbridled number of losses during the regular season? And which of those teams has the best shot at taking home the number-one overall pick? Keep reading to find out.

3 NFL teams most likely to have 1st round draft pick in 2023

#3 Seattle Seahawks

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks
Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks

Even Pete Carroll’s brilliant defensive mind won’t be enough for the Seattle Seahawks to pull themselves up from the NFL’s doldrums next season.

For the better part of the past decade, Seattle has been viewed as, not only playoff locks, but bonafide title threats. In eight of the past ten seasons, the Seahawks have done enough to join the postseason party. In two of those seasons, they were in the final game of the year, winning one Super Bowl in the process.

For as much as Carroll would love to beat his chest and take credit for what Seattle has accomplished, he knows good and well that this season will be his most arduous.


Russell Wilson, their longtime signal-caller for the past decade, has officially thrown his Seattle uniform in the nearest trash bin as he’ll be representing the Denver Broncos moving forward. In addition to Wilson leaving town, wide receiver DK Metcalf is currently holding out in the hopes of receiving a new, more lucrative contract.

Defensively, Seattle won’t be able to hang their hat on that side of the ball. Last season, the Seahawks ranked near the bottom of the barrel in terms of yards allowed per game, giving up 379.1.

This season is going to be tough sledding for Seattle. And while it could result in them receiving the number-one overall pick in the 2023 draft, their fans won’t enjoy one bit of what could be a nightmare season.

#2 Houston Texans

Texas Rangers v Houston Astros
Texas Rangers v Houston Astros

There’s nothing promising about the Houston Texans.

At one point, Deshaun Watson represented them as the shining face of their franchise. Nonetheless, with Houston forced to trade an unhappy Watson, they’re left with horrific options at the quarterback position.

Currently, Davis Mills is expected to lead Houston each and every night onto the battlefield. Heading into his second year, Davis played solidly. He threw for 2,664 yards, 16 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, and completed 66.8% of his passes.

Bereft of many offensive weapons, Davis will rely heavily on Brandin Cooks. The supremely underrated receiver registered 1,037 yards and six touchdowns. Not much is expected of Houston on the offensive end, but defensively, things will be even worse.

Houston struggled in various spots on defense. They allowed 26.6 points per game, good for sixth worst in the league. Their biggest defensive hole comes from their inability to stop the run, allowing opposing offenses to walk all over them en route to allowing 142.2 rushing yards per game, good for second to last in the entire NFL last season.

Houston fans shouldn’t expect a ton of wins next season. But if things go the way we expect, they could be rewarded with the number one overall pick.

#1 Carolina Panthers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

To the Carolina Panthers’ credit, they have done their best to right the ship. Since allowing Cam Newton to walk out the door following the 2019 season, Carolina has moved forward with Teddy Bridgewater, Kyle Allen, and Sam Darnold before bringing Newton back in.

All in all, Carolina’s efforts have been a complete failure. Allen was a fringe backup, Bridgewater refused to push the ball down the field, and Darnold has been mediocre at best.


A once-stout defensive unit, Carolina also struggles on that side of the ball as well, allowing 23.8 points per game last season. Matt Corral, their most recent third-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, isn’t ready to contribute to a winning ball club in any capacity. Meaning, that, unless Darnold proves his doubters wrong, Carolina will pile up losses this year.

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