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5 best swamp house designs to build in Minecraft 1.19 update

Minecraft’s swamp biome recently got an exciting addition. The 1.19 update or “The Wild Update,” which launched on June 7, introduced a new biome to the game called the mangrove swamp biome.

This biome makes the swamp setting in the game a much more attractive area to explore, especially with the newly added frog mobs hopping around the place. Swamps are usually found in the warmer regions of the map, mostly near deserts and jungle biomes.

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Minecraft 1.19: Top 5 build ideas for aspiring swamp house builders in The Wild Update

1) Mangrove swamp hut

This build consists of a small and cozy house set in the middle of a custom-made swamp. The house is made almost entirely of blocks that were added in the new Minecraft update.

The walls are made using mud bricks, with packed mud being used in a few places. Trapdoors are used as window shutters, while mangrove genes have been used as decorative items. The roof is made using mangrove and mud brick slabs.

The build also includes a mangrove tree beside the house and mangrove leaves as decoration. The custom-made swamp has many pathways that lead to solid ground.

2) Mud & Mangrove house

While this Minecraft design isn’t swamp-based, it most definitely can be. The build consists of a large, cottage-like house mostly made using the new 1.19 blocks.

The majority of this build uses mangrove and oak wood slabs, planks, stairs, trapdoors and mud blocks.

Stripped mangrove logs can be seen in the roof’s design. A ton of different leaf blocks have been used for decoration, along with weeping vines, hanging roots, lanterns and iron bars.

3) 1.19 swamp base

This beautiful Minecraft swamp house sits in the middle of a regular swamp biome. The main housing structure has two levels.

The bottom level is made using mud bricks, packed mud, mud brick stairs and mud brick slabs. The windows use mangrove trapdoors, and the doors are made of mangrove wood.

The upper level is made using different types of wood blocks, including oak and mangrove. It also has a balcony that is lit using lanterns.

Mangrove logs are used to make pillars for the entire structure. The build also has a walkway that players can use to enter the house without going into the water. The roof is made using deepslate tile slabs and also has some sculk blocks.

4) Swamp cottage

This aesthetic swamp cottage build is an older build inspired by the Minecraft 1.19 update. The roof for this build is made entirely using spruce slabs. It also has a chimney made of blackstone and blackstone bricks.

The walls and the main structure are built using oak planks, oak slabs, oak stripped logs, oak fence, oak and spruce trapdoors. They are decorated with vines and leaf blocks.

5) Swamp Village

This Minecraft build consists of not just one house but an entire custom-made village built on top of a swamp. It serves as an example of what a swamp village in the Wild Update might look like.

The village houses are made of mud bricks. Their floors and roofs are made using mangrove wood blocks like planks, slabs, stripped wood and more.

All the furniture in the build is also made using mangrove wood, like the doors, “chairs” (mangrove stairs) and more. Other features include mangrove fences being used for animal pens, and the house being much larger than normal village houses.

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