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’90 Day Fiance’ Season 9: Fans slam Bilal for ‘degrading’ Shaeeda, say she can’t ‘express herself’

When it comes to the couples on ’90 Day Fiance’, dealing with the k1 process can be stressful. After all, they have to make a lot of major decisions during the 90-day period. Unfortunately, this is also the time when people start showing their true colours.

Bilal and Shaeeda haven’t had a peaceful moment since the start of the season. From Bilal’s pranks to his nagging, fans have branded him as one of the villains of the season. And it looks like he is doing little to redeem himself at this point.

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As Bilal and Shaeeda stepped out to have a fun day, Shaeeda was apprehensive about riding scooters in a park. While Bilal kept encouraging her, he noted in his confessionals that Shaeeda had a tendency to be pessimistic, which was a bit much for him, seeing that he always had to lighten the mood. However, fans were having none of this and called him out in a heartbeat. “Bilal’s voice just irritates me at this point because I know it’s something degrading or gaslighting coming out of him #90DayFiance” tweeted a fan. “How the actual hell did Bilal fix his face to say Shaeeda is the negative one?!?! This dude is seriously unaware of who he is and just how bad he sucks. #90DayFiance” added another. “Wait. Bilal. “HER mind goes negative first?” You took her to a whole fake ass house bc you were so obsessed that she was a gold digger and not who you thought she was. But SHE’S one w the negative attitude. Uh huh, okay. #90DayFiance” said another fan. 



The situation just got worse as the couple sat down to discuss things. What started as a relatively pleasant conversation soon progressed into an argument. Bilal noted that he had never argued so much in his life, as much as he did with Shaeeda. However, she called him out on constantly trying to parent her, nagging and trying to control everything around her. Fans were entirely on Shaeeda’s side, as they saw Bilal as the cause of all the couple’s problems. “There is a way to communicate your thoughts and feelings without belittling someone or nagging. Not every conversation has to be an argument #90DayFiance” tweeted a fan. “Shaee isn’t going to let you talk to her or treat her any type of way . That’s why y’all argue so much Bilal. #90DayFiance” noted a fan. “#bilal if you consider THAT “arguing” you have some issues! Which I think most of us already know is #facts!! #shaeeda can’t even express herself and you consider that an argument!!! you need to stay single!! #90DayFiance #TLC” said another. 




’90 Day Fiancé’ Season 9 airs every Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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