Adam Sandler’s Hustle Director Wants To Make Another Movie With An NBA Co-Star, But It’s Not Anthony Edwards -

Adam Sandler’s Hustle Director Wants To Make Another Movie With An NBA Co-Star, But It’s Not Anthony Edwards

Much of the critical praise that Hustle has received has singled out Adam Sandler for turning in another stellar dramatic performance. But Sandler’s NBA player co-stars have been getting significant recognition as well. The film’s co-lead, Utah Jazz player Juancho Hernangomez, has gained considerable notice, and just as much adoration has been aimed at Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards. Given the strength of his performance, one would think that Edwards could headline his own basketball drama at some point and maybe even reteam with his director on this flick, Jeremiah Zagar, in the process. But as the director recently revealed, he actually wants to make a movie with another one of the film’s real-life basketball stars.

Jeremiah Zagar stopped by CinemaBlend’s own ReelBlend Podcast to discuss his work on the new sports movie. While he praised the NBA talent that was front and center, the filmmaker revealed that he’d specifically love to work with Dallas Mavericks center Boban Marjanović once more. On working with the Serbian League champion, he said:

We had a [basketball] court on one of the stages, and at Adam’s home, I think there was a court as well. So he had places to play and he would play with the ball players. I mean, they all played together. You can see video of it. … If you look up, there’s video of him and Trae Young and Tobias Harris all playing ball. Juancho [Hernangomez] would play ball with them. Boban [Marjanović]. I heard Boban is dominant in Sandler games, is what I heard. That’s what I heard. Because of COVID, I didn’t get to go to any of these things. This is all hearsay. I can’t corroborate anything. … I wanna make a movie with Boban so bad, that has nothing to do with basketball. Maybe like a live-action BFG. I talked about – I’d do anything with Boban. I think it should be with non-basketball. I just think he’s an amazing actor. He’s an amazing actor.

Boban Marjanovic in Hustle

(Image credit: Netflix)

That’s high praise given that the Dallas Mavericks star played a minor role compared to his co-stars. But on that note, it would be great to see Jeremiah Zagar take the rising basketball big man under his wing and turn him into a movie star. And should that happen, the athlete could end up making acting his post-basketball gig.

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