Age of Sigmar: Two New Heroes & Warcry Rules Dump -

Age of Sigmar: Two New Heroes & Warcry Rules Dump

Games Workshop is unloading free rules downloads today. We’ve got two new heroes from Black Library and tons of Warcry downloads!

If you’re a fan of Age of Sigmar then Games Workshop is unloading a batch of new stuff to chew on. We’ve got two new heroes from Black Library as well as a whole bunch of rules for Warcry — plus rules to run Warcry Warbands in AoS! There’s something for everyone today.

Black Library Heroes

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“Drekki Flynt and Cado Ezechiar prepare to stride out of the pages of their debut novels, The Arkanaut’s Oath and The Hollow King, as two incredible miniatures, both available for pre-order this Saturday.”

Download The Black Library Heroes Rules Here

These two new characters are straight from the pages of Black Library. Not only are they getting their debut novels they are also getting two great miniatures. Personally, I’m looking at the Cado Ezechiar model and rules and thinking it’s time to expand into a Soulblight Gravelords army.

This dude is an absolute monster in combat and he’s a wizard to boot! Sure he might not have a ward save but, with a little support, he’s going to tear into just about anything with those 5 attacks. And he’s only 135 points!

Drekki Flynt isn’t bad at all — and he’s even better when you stick him on a Barak-Mhornar Arkanaut Frigate. Interestingly, he presents a neat concept that I hope GW explores in the future with the Kharadron Overlords. He’s basically a unit that give bonuses to the Frigate he’s garrisoned in…like he’s the Captain or something. Seems like something GW could do for that army later on. Oh and his ability to “borrow” an enemy’s artefact is pretty funny.

Each of these Warscroll Cards are free to download and they also have their own special scenarios to play if you wanted to give them a go!

More Warcry Rules

Recently, we got free rules updates for Order and Destruction as well Chaos and Death for Warcry. Now Games Workshop is also releases new Core Rules for you to download to celebrate the arrival of the Heart of Ghur boxed set.

Download the Core Rules for Warcry Here

With all these rules, anyone with an existing Warhammer: Age of Sigmar army can now play Warcry. If you haven’t tried it now is the perfect time to give it a roll! If you’ve already played it and want to know what’s changing in the new edition, check out our video of the changes:

There’s also a free rules update for Age of Sigmar for the Rotmire Creed and the Horns of Hashut, too. Oh — and how about those Chaos Legionnaires and the new Centuarion Marshal? Because those are all out now, too.

New Warcry-to-AoS Warband Rules Download

I’m personally looking at the Centaurion Marshal to add to my Chaos Army. Not only do I think the model is cool but he’s kind of a beat stick. Seriously, if he hits with all his Spear attacks, he gets another 4 attacks for his other attack. That’s pretty darn mean!




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