Andy Murray LIVE: Stuttgart Open final latest score and updates from Matteo Berrettini contest -

Andy Murray LIVE: Stuttgart Open final latest score and updates from Matteo Berrettini contest

<p>Andy Murray plays a return to Italy's Matteo Berrettini</p>

Andy Murray plays a return to Italy’s Matteo Berrettini


Andy Murray faces Matteo Berrettini in the final of the Stuttgart Open this afternoon as the Scot targets a first grass-court title for six years and continues his preparation for Wimbledon.

Murray notched an impressive quarter-final victory over Stefanos Tsitsipas earlier this week before downing Nick Kyrgios in the semi-finals on Saturday and now takes on Berrettini in search of his 47th career title and first on grass since Wimbledon 2016.

Tsitsipas was the No 1 seed and Murray’s win was his first over a top-five player in the world for six years. Murray’s serving has been particularly reliable this week and that will stand him in good stead for the rest of the grass-court season.

Murray looks to have benefitted from his decision to skip the French Open, despite enjoying some good matches on clay in the lead-up, and appears fresh on grass. He plans to play at Queen’s before embarking on another mission to shock Wimbledon glory, aged 35, later this month but first up is a trophy battle with Berrettini in Stuttgart.

Follow live coverage of the Stuttgart Open final below:


Matteo Berrettini reacts to victory over Andy Murray in Stuttgart Open final

Berrettini said: “It was really hard to digest, I felt it, Andy was able to serve well and took the chances I didn’t take, so we went to the third set. I said to myself, ‘I have to fight’.

“Congrats to Andy. It’s not the way we wanted to finish, he’s hurt, I’m sorry for him. I learned a lot from him, he’s a great champion.”

Jack Rathborn12 June 2022 16:56


Andy Murray 4-6, 7-5, *3-6 Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open final

That’s it, after missing one chance, Berrettini grabs the second opportunity to clinch the Stuttgart Open championship after two hours and 40 minutes.

Jack Rathborn12 June 2022 16:51


Andy Murray 4-6, 7-5, *3-5 Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open final

Murray, serving to stay in the match…

A delightful lobbed volley beats Berrettini, 30-0.

A throwaway game for the Italian? Maybe, he’s gone long and Murray has three game points.

Not so fast, that’s a rocket of a winner, 40-15.

The beginning of the end? A double fault and then a gorgeous point from Berrettini’s perspective, Murray moved all over the court, then the pass as Murray sprinted to the net to counter a drop shot with another. Deuce.

A half-volley lob from Murray is long, championship point…

Murray battles back and stays in the match, both men moving fluidly given the circumstances.

Jack Rathborn12 June 2022 16:43


Andy Murray 4-6, 7-5, 3-5* Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open final

We’re now at two hours and 27 minutes. This is a huge effort from Murray.

Murray is fuming at that call, hawkeye goes to work, it’s in. 30-0.

Berrettini hooks a forehand cross court and it sails wide. 30-15. Murray needs to act now really, or it’ll be one game away from the title for his rival.

Murray dragged towards the net and Berrettini gleefully pumps a forehand down the line for two game points.

ACE! Game, Berrettini, his 19th of the match. It’s been the difference in the last hour or so.

Jack Rathborn12 June 2022 16:38


Andy Murray 4-6, 7-5, *3-4 Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open final

Murray with a flick of the wrists, backhand down the line, 15-0.

Murray now receiving medical work on his left hip again. This looks painful.

Murray now flat on his back and getting a massage. Berrettini patiently looks on. Murray is back, the crowd goes wild, “let’s go, Andy, let’s go,” reverberates around the arena.

A cheap point for Murray as we resume, glorious relief no doubt, two game points, and he takes the first. 3-4.

Jack Rathborn12 June 2022 16:32


Andy Murray 4-6, 7-5, 2-4* Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open final

Murray swipes the racket in anger.

Berrettini lands another crushing first serve. 17-7 for those keeping count of the aces.

Both men feeling the heat and strain of two and a half hours now.

Berrettini cries out loud after a booming forehand powers past Murray. 4-2, he’s close now.

Matteo Berrettini during the match against Britain’s Andy Murray


Jack Rathborn12 June 2022 16:30


Andy Murray 4-6, 7-5, *2-3 Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open final

Berrettini bashes the ball past a static Murray at the net. An easy pass. 15-15.

Patient ground strokes from Murray, tempting Berrettini into a powerful backhand winner, but it crashes into the net.

It’s 2-3, over to you Matteo.

Jack Rathborn12 June 2022 16:25


Andy Murray 4-6, 7-5, 1-3* Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open final

Murray mouting to himself. Berrettini back on top with serve.

A bullet of a first serve brings up game, he’s 15-7 up in that category. Clearly a heat check sometime after the first set was needed, he’s found his range now.

Jack Rathborn12 June 2022 16:23


Andy Murray 4-6, 7-5, *1-2 Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open final

Murray flicks the switch!

Unreturned serve, a powerful ground stroke and he’s quickly up to 40-0.

Then a backhand volley at the net. Game. To love. 1-2. Impressive response.

Jack Rathborn12 June 2022 16:18


Andy Murray 4-6, 7-5, 0-2* Matteo Berrettini – Stuttgart Open final

Ace to open the game, Berrettini delivering after a lengthy break.

Make that two. 30-0 and 12-7 to the Italian in terms of match aces.

Now quickly up to 40-0. Make that three aces, two games to love and a 2-0 lead in the decider. That is dominant from the Italian.

Jack Rathborn12 June 2022 16:15

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