Blockbuster Bikes | Top 10 Movie Star Motorcycles -

Blockbuster Bikes | Top 10 Movie Star Motorcycles

We all love a bike chase or motorcycle action sequence in a blockbuster movie, don’t we? 

And with the re-opening of cinemas and the recent release of (very) long awaited Top Gun: Maverick sequel – where Kawasaki reprises a starring role 36 years on from its scene stealing performance in the original Top Gun – there’s no better time to ask: which was the best?

If we go right back to the original hooligan biker movie, Marlon Brando’s 1953 ‘The Wild One’, there’s more than a few to choose from, them of course we have the hallowed Bond bikes and the many motorcycles in Mission: Impossible flicks that often ended up in a smokey heap (RIP).

Let’s face it, motorcycles in movies look cool, so while we may not be able to get our stunt on in quite the same manner, logic dictates we’d look as cool as Tom Cruise, Scarlett Johansson and Marlon Brando. In theory anyway…

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