"Bring a flare to an NBA game if you want and you might be in Rikers": Kevin Durant is stunned by the celebrations of Olympiacos fans in Greece - bdsthanhhoavn.com

“Bring a flare to an NBA game if you want and you might be in Rikers”: Kevin Durant is stunned by the celebrations of Olympiacos fans in Greece

NBA superstar Kevin Durant gets booed in Greece as he attends a Euro League playoff game. 

It seems like Kevin Durant has extended the universe of his haters globally too. One of the most skilled players the league has ever seen, Durant is regarded by many as the current best player in the league. However, the two-time Finals MVP isn’t your ideal superstar, adhering to public expectations.

While one cannot question KD’s talent and ability to ball, his off-court demeanor has earned him a lot of flak. The Nets superstar lives up to his villain tag, especially on social media, taking fans head-on. Durant doesn’t believe in following the code of conduct for a superstar his stature.

It’s been an early start to Durant’s off-season, having suffered a first-round exit at the hands of the Celtics. The Nets were swept 4-0, with Durant having a rare rough patch with his shooting efficiency. What followed was KD going back and forth with fans on social media.

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Currently, in his off-season, Durant made a trip to Greece to attend the Euro League quarter-finals but wasn’t welcomed with the best reception.

Kevin Durant gets booed by the Olympiacos fans in Piraeus.

If his recent visit to Greece is anything to go by, the Slim Reaper’s polarizing status seems to have extended beyond the national borders of the USA. KD was in the arena to support former teammate Mike James, who plays for the opposing team, Monaco.

Unfortunately for the Nets superstar, the Olympiacos beat Monaco 94-88. What followed were never before seen celebrations, with fans jumping on the court with flares in their hands. KD described the entire scenery as The Apocalypse.

Though KD didn’t receive the best reception, he had a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Peace and Friendship stadium. Olympiacos fans, who couldn’t control their excitement, invaded the arena even before the game ended.

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Having played 14-seasons in the world’s best basketball league, Durant had no words to describe the scenery at the Olympiacos home arena.


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