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Bungie is giving away a free emblem in Destiny 2 right now (2022)

After weeks of grinding the new Destiny 2 activity, Nightmare Containment, players finally got hold of the last remaining Solar fragments. Everyone must head over to Ikora in the Tower, go to the fragments section, and unlock them using 25,000 Glimmers.

To commemorate this collective effort from the Destiny 2 community, Bungie is giving away a little gift to everyone, which they announced in yesterday’s TWAB (This Week at Bungie). The gift is an emblem, which can be acquired using the following code:


The emblem is called Stag’s Spirit and can be redeemed on Bungie’s official website.

Stag’s Spirit emblem and how to unlock it in Destiny 2 (2022)

Over the years, emblems have played an essential part in making the Guardian’s appearance extraordinary among the community. These are the types of visual banners players love to put on display to showcase their beauty or triumph over high-tier content.

Some emblems are given away for free, while others require the mightiest of Guardians inside the toughest of challenges. Upon the release of Solar 3.0 and Season of the Haunted, Bungie kept some fragments locked, which also kept a hold on a few builds.

The company set a target of 20 million for Nightmare Containment and further stated that the remaining fragments will be unlocked if the entire community reaches that number. The Stag’s Spirit comes from Bungie to congratulate the community on their achievement of reaching 20 million Nightmare Containment completions.

Since this was a community-based event of sorts, even players who knew nothing about Nightmare Containment were able to gather the code and redeem it on Bungie’s official website. This is a universal code uploaded by Bungie in their weekly blog post yesterday.

To claim it, players must follow these steps:

  • The code can be claimed from the official TWAB or this article. It is: T67-JXY-PH6
  • Players must head over to Bungie’s official code redemption website and paste it under the text that says “Enter your code.”
  • Upon redeeming, players can acquire the emblem in-game under the following tabs. Collections>Flair>General.
Stag's Spirit Legendary emblem (Image via Destiny 2)
Stag’s Spirit Legendary emblem (Image via Destiny 2)

The emblem is orange in color, with a stag embedded in a black badge with orange stars.

Upon 20 million completions, the unlocked fragments were Ember of Empyrean and Ember of Char. In addition, the Ember of Benevolence has also been fixed and unlocked with the recent weekly reset on June 7.

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