Carolyn Hinsey Shares Her Opinions -

Carolyn Hinsey Shares Her Opinions

Is it possible to redeem villains? Check out what Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey has to say about what’s happening across the daytime dial.

Trying to redeem a villain can be just as entertaining as actually doing it.

Sheila’s reign of terror worked for a while on B&B but in the end, she had to go. She stood there like a caged animal as Steffy listed her deadly crimes and tried to claim that Steffy was “delusional”.

Taylor: “You’re good, but you’re not that good.”

Ridge lashed out, calling Sheila a “filthy animal”, which made her lose it and confess.

Sheila: “This never would have happened if you had shown me kindness. Finn’s blood is on your head.”

Ooh, blaming the victim. Nice try! Sheila went nuts for two episodes, which was fun to watch because we knew the end was near. Ridge finally put a stop to it.

Ridge: “What’s wrong with you?”

It’s only a half-hour show, dude.

Sheila tried to escape, but Steffy had wisely alerted the cops, who swarmed in and dragged her out.

Steffy: “People like you you aren’t loved. You’re forgotten.”

Sheila: “I’m coming back and Hayes is going to love me. You haven’t seen the last of me!”

My money’s on Sheila, considering that she faked her own death on Y&R in 1992 and is still torturing the good folks of B&B 30 years later. That’s the mark of a good criminal: They’re entertaining, menacing and unkillable.

Right, Diane? The Y&R baddie wasn’t particularly entertaining during her previous go-rounds (and being played by three different actresses didn’t help) but this time they’ve given her a sarcastic smoothness and a solid foil in Phyllis.

Diane: “I’d offer you a drink but I don’t want to.”

Phyllis: “Get the hell out of my hotel.”   

Pretending to be dead for a over decade because people didn’t like her was a bit of a stretch (!) but Diane’s return brought her son, Kyle, back to town and gave us a believable firecracker for big gatherings. Of course, she crashed Mariah and Tessa’s wedding.

Kyle (to Diane): “What are you up to?”

Spying and lurking. The wedding was romantic and beautiful, but too sappy for my taste. (When the normally sarcastic Kevin gushes over “the power of love” you know they’ve gone too far.) Thankfully, Y&R resurrected Mariah and Summer’s feud at the reception.   

Mariah: “We want to thank you all for coming — even Summer.”

Tip of the hat to Diane for bringing Summer back, too. Diane is mixing it up with Victor, getting in Nikki’s face, and causing trouble between Phyllis/Michael, Phyllis/Jack and Kyle/Summer. All she needs is a partner in crime — I nominate Ashland, who has a similar dark side and hates the same people.

Ashland: “You don’t intimidate me. The Newmans have already tried to run me out of town.” 

Nick: “Next time we’ll get more creative.”

Ashland is also mixing it up with Adam, who taunted him about whether he wants to reconcile with Victoria.

Ashland: “What I want is none of your damn business.”

Adam: “That’s a bit rude.”

Being rude to Adam actually helps vindicate Ashland in my book. He and Diane are formidable fighters causing trouble in a town already pretty full of troublemakers. I’m looking at you, Victor.

I’m starting to look at GH’s Michael that way, too. What a jackass he’s turning into! Threatening his father, Sonny (of all people), and teaming up with new Q Drew to oust Ned from his own company?

Michael: “We can offer you COO.”

Who’s “we”, ya big jerk?

Ned: “That’s an administrative position. And I wouldn’t even be the only COO.”

Ned is the only original Quartermaine who’s worked consistently with ELQ, so somebody better alert Tracy. In the meantime, Ned turned to Valentin for help with the voting shares.

Valentin: “We need to work together to make sure we’re not cut loose.”

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Go get ’em guys!

Ironically, helping Ned retain ELQ makes us root for Valentin at the same time we’re rooting against him for gaslighting our beloved Anna. 

Valentin: “Why don’t you think Jennifer Smith is guilty?”

Anna: “There’s a missing piece.”

Felicia: “The French naval captain.”

A.k.a. Valentin, sporting a fake mustache and disguise worthy of Michael Scott on THE OFFICE. The best kind of villain is one where you’re not sure what they’re up to, and that’s where we are with Valentin’s redemption.

Not so with Esme. Any pity we had for her being the demon spawn of Ryan Chamberlain flew out the cabin window when she framed Trina — but she can be entertaining. Her innocent act while she slithered around Wyndemere sure seemed to fool Nikolas.

Esme: “I wasn’t thinking.”

Nikolas: “That doesn’t sound like you.”

Esme (taking his hand): “I’m sorry that Ava can’t see you the way I do.”

As a dopey meal ticket? I don’t see Esme being redeemed but I’ve been wrong before….

Can DAYS’s Gwen be saved? Not if she keeps saying “bloody” in every sentence. Confessing to killing Laura was not her brightest move, but if there’s any chance for a lighthearted comeback, teaming her with Leo could do it.

I remain done with the devil but at least that story brought Bo back to save the life of Ben and Ciara’s “possessed” baby.

Ciara: “Daddy, I named him Bo.”

Bo’s ghost: “Thank you for that.”

The fun of a good villain is that they’re always ready to strike, but the good people in our little soap towns always seem to forget that. 

Anna (to Tony): “The worst is behind us. Ben and Johnny are free. Your evil twin, Andre, is a pile of dust and the devil is on the lam. We have nothing to be afraid of.”

Famous last words … where’s Stefano when you need him?

Hey. It’s only my opinion.

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