CC#7 Pine Soot Primer and Gameplay Guide -

CC#7 Pine Soot Primer and Gameplay Guide

Arknights’ most awaited challenge event is on the horizon, and this time, it’s harder than ever before. Arknights CC#7, known as Operation Pine Soot, begins on the 9th of June and will last for a total of two weeks. Known as the endgame of endgames, Contingency Contracts, or CC, represent the hardest content Arknights has to offer and is frequently prepared for by regular and veteran players alike. 

In this article, we will be discussing the details of the event, including side banners, special side events, and a short gameplay guide for players new to CC.

Arknights Event: CC#7 Pine Soot Overview

There are three event sections in Pine Soot; the Permanent Site, the Rotating Site, and the Secret Sanctuary a.k.a. the event shop. The Permanent Site and the Rotating Site contain missions you can complete, which rewards you with Contract Bounties that you exchange for goods in the Secret Sanctuary. Completing a certain Risk Level in the Permanent Site on the first week also grants the player a ‘trimmed’ version of the CC#7 medal, which is considered to be extremely valuable by many players.

The Permanent Site is where the strength of your Operators and the extent of your abilities are tested. The map’s theme is reminiscent of Dusk’s previous event, “Who Is Real?”, which includes mechanics involving polarities and polarity switching. This map is considered to be annoying rather than difficult and can be easily completed with very accessible Operators.

The Rotating Site is a stage that changes the designated map on a daily basis. These maps are not as difficult as the Permanent Site, due to having fewer risks available. There are daily missions you can complete to obtain bounties, which are needed to redeem goods from the ‘shop’.

Secret Sanctuary is the name of the event’s shop, where you can exchange bounties for all sorts of materials. The shops consist of two sections, one being permanent and non-renewable, while the other one being CC-limited and changes contents every CC. Most of the things you’d want are from the limited shop, which includes high-tier materials, LMD, and EXP, but some goods from the permanent shop might be things you’d really need, like materials that increase an operator’s potential.

Outside of the main CC event, there’s also the Joint Headhunting banner. In this banner, only the featured operators in the banner will appear (except for 3 and 4-star operators), which is a good way of sniping certain operators. The highlights of this banner are the four featured 6-star operators, starring Saga, Schwarz, Phantom, and Surtr.

From a metagame point-of-view, this Joint Headhunting banner is possibly the best one to ever exist, as it features four extremely powerful operators for the roles they perform. Saga is an amazing 2-block Vanguard who can feed SP, Schwarz is one of the best Physical boss-killers, Phantom is a universal unit because of his damage and versatility, while Surtr is simply overpowered in all regards.

During the duration of CC#7, supplies and chips stages will be available at all times. This is useful if you’re trying to optimize Operators during the event, without having to wait for a day or two for the supplies stage to open.  

Permanent Site Gameplay Guide

CC owes its incredibly challenging difficulty from its risk system, in which you are able to combine numerous modifications, called ‘risks’, that make the map more difficult. A couple of risks might be simple to deal with, but as you combine more and more risks, the map can be extremely difficult due to synergistic effects. The minimum risk required to complete the whole event is 18, but some players seek even higher risks without any reward, except for the satisfaction of clearing such difficulty.

You can definitely try to get risk 18 on your own, assuming you have a full team of strong operators at Elite 2, but anything less than that could be an uphill battle unless you’re already skilled at the game.

Here are a couple of tips if you want an easier time clearing the event:

Use risks where your best operators can shine.

There are many risks you can possibly combine, but it’s ideal to choose risks that pose the least disadvantage to your team. For example, if you have few but really strong operators, you may choose to have fewer risks that change operator or enemy stats and take risks that reduce the maximum squad limit instead.

Use Friend Support

Sometimes, the right friend support can carry your whole CC up to risk 18, or even higher. Before a CC map, you can choose to borrow one Operator featured by a friend, and use it as your own during the map. This can open up so many possibilities, especially for those lacking powerful operators. 


Contingency Contracts are one of those events that make players go back to playing Arknights, as most veterans have already exhausted most content the game has to offer. CC’s challenge might be difficult, but it’s the charm of Arknights, and what made it such a successful mobile game in the gacha genre.

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