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Ceferin ‘Justified’ the elimination of the PSG of the Champions

In spite of being to the doors of a new final of the Champions League, the elimination of Paris Saint-Germain in the eighth of final of the tournament to hands of the Real Madrid keeps on being reason of debate. In this sense, the president of the UEFA, Aleksander Ceferin, encouraged to give his opinion on the reasons that justified the early elimination of one of the main favourites to arrive to the final that, precisely, will play in Paris.

“It Tie it 1, like the Bundesliga, are not sufficiently powerful. Only they dominate two clubs. There is more competition in Italy, but are not financially strong. The Premier League has the greater tradition, the fans are different to the ones of Italy”, said Ceferin, considering that this factor could incidir in the surprising elimination of the PSG and of the Bayern Munich, finalists of the season 2019-20. In the case of the Germans, his exit to hands of the Villarreal was much more surprising, considering the difference of planteles.

When referring to the fans of England, Italy and Spain, Ceferin did not doubt in tackling the subject of the Superliga. “When I saw the reaction of inflate them English remained impressed. The fans of France and Germany did not have to do at all because his clubs did not participate, but also surprised me a bit the soft reaction of the fans in Spain and Italy, although I understand it”, commented the esloveno.

In this regard, the president of the UEFA added that “sometimes, these things go a bit slower in some countries and, since the Italian teams and the Athletic of Madrid abandoned quickly the project, there was not sufficient time to have a stronger reaction of the fans”, explained Ceferin. Two weeks ago, the jueza of the court 17 in the mercantile of Madrid raised the measure cautelar that prevented to the UEFA sanction to Madrid, Bar├ža and Juventus by the creation of the tournament.

Ceferin Defends the new Champions

Regarding the changes in the format of the Champions League that will implement from the season 2024-25, the esloveno sustained that, to fault to approve the changes in the final stages, still can give more surprises. “It is a good idea (the ‘final four’, but lose some parties. It plays home and it was and there are fewer contests for the headlines of the rights of television. It is too prompt to share new ideas with the means, but there are plans for the future”, puntualiz├│ the leader.

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