Champions of the Four Kingdoms – Developers Shared Game Overview – -

Champions of the Four Kingdoms – Developers Shared Game Overview –

Following the update shared in late April, the developers of ARPG Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms are back with another one. This time the team gathered everything players need to know about Alaloth in one juicy blog post on Steam for the gamers’ reading pleasure.

The team from Gamera Interactive has an idea to put a few cool 3D mechanics in an isometric game, trying to stay in-between old school classics and modern action RPG. It is something the developers have tried to reflect in every aspect of the game. When you enter the world of Alaloth, it will immediately pull on your nostalgic strings with its good old times-like look, but there is no tactical pause so you also have to be good with fast-paced gameplay.

“We have two kind of players we’re talking with here: the first one, is the one skipping every single line of text and caring about his build only, skills and fights. The second one is the one taking his time enjoying every single dialogue around, trying to pick up lore details to connect all dots. We are trying to make both of them happy, leaving the freedom to play the game both ways.”

In Alaloth, you embody a champion who is willing to set free the continent of Plamen by the evil and overwhelming presence of Alaloth himself, a mighty demigod trapped in a limbo and willing to come back to the mortal realms to rule them all. To do so, you need to recover four shards to open the games of his domain. In order to acquire them, you will freely roam around the world and do whatever your want since the very beginning.

The game will end with you killing Alaloth, but it doesn’t mean that you have to immediately tackle the task. You can just decide to explore Plamen, do your stuff, meet NPC, do other quests, etc. he player is free to navigate and explore Plamen the way he likes most since the start of the journey, choosing to prioritize the main quest, secondary ones or to just see what’s next.

There is no difficulty level even though playing in the competitive mode will result in a more challenging experience, with the addition of the 3 enemy champions hunting for shards and/or the player. Enemy champions will have their own behavior that can be aggressive, balanced or defensive, they will claim dungeons as you do and might even fail. Single player mode is advised for those players who don’t want to have a timer on their heads and for those completionists who want to be sure to be able to complete every quest available on their playthrough. The game is designed to be played in competitive mode at least once for every race.

Each kingdom has its own capital city, a major one, five minors. There are hundreds of interactible characters to talk with to get quests or find precious clues. One of the key element of the game is the calendar. According with it, the world is going to change with NPC popping-up time by time, events happening all around the world, timed quests, new mobs, new challenges. And if you hear a wolf howling, well, it’s just the full moon [and it is very important…]

“Playing a different mode, race or alignment will result in a different experience, with new paths and rewards. That’s why it is required to play multiple runs to achieve and experience all the game content, not to mention enemy champions in competitive mode will be randomized every new game, with the ones you won’t match as enemies placed around the world and able to give you precious info about their lore and how to face them and many other dangers. Make sure to talk to every single one to unlock all their codex entries and know even more about the most known characters of Plamen. Same stuff could be experienced with a difference approach from different races…”

Your champion’s alignment is very important for the game, in particular it will determine if certain companions will join you. Alaloth supports local coop up to 2 additional players that can join the game while taking control of your companions (if unlocked). Remote Play is supported and works even if your friends don’t own the game.

Check out the full length of the overview on Steam to learn more about the game!

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