Deshaun Watson contract upsetting other teams unsurprisingly bogus -

Deshaun Watson contract upsetting other teams unsurprisingly bogus

The rumblings of NFL owners being mad at the Cleveland Browns for the contract they gave Deshaun Watson simply are not true

The fate of the Cleveland Browns and potentially the entire NFL changed back in March when the team traded for quarterback Deshaun Watson. The reason it will impact the NFL is the fact that the Browns gave Watson a fully guaranteed $230 million contract.

In the future, don’t be surprised to see more deals like this get done with the most important position in all of team sports, the quarterback.

With the addition of Watson, the Browns elected to move on from Baker Mayfield, which had been pretty apparent for quite some time. Cleveland has been unable to find a trade partner, who will enter his fifth professional season with a guaranteed contract of $18.86 million.

There is a narrative going around that the other 31 NFL owners are mad at the Browns for giving Watson the contract they did, and in turn, that’s the reason a team hasn’t traded for Mayfield. According to Mary Kay Cabot of, that narrative simply isn’t true and is “off base.”

She went on to say that the reason that Mayfield has not been dealt is due to his contract and not because the owners are sticking it to the Browns. If there was an NFL team in need of a quarterback and Mayfield was an upgrade in their eyes, they wouldn’t harm their own team just to go against the Browns. So, that should tell you all you need to know about the situation unless of course, you are still riding with 6.

Some teams are simply holding out hope that the Browns will just release Mayfield so they can get him on a far cheaper deal, which Cleveland would be on the hook for the rest. I just don’t see Andrew Berry doing that, so this will play out a bit longer. Injuries happen every year and if a quarterback goes down in camp, it would make that team’s interest in Mayfield go up.

When it comes to the NFL, if you don’t have a franchise quarterback, you really don’t have much of a chance to win the Super Bowl. The Browns have been searching for one for more than two decades and finally got one in Watson. As for Mayfield, at one point, it was to be believed that he was the franchise quarterback in Cleveland, but that is no longer the case as he waits for his new NFL destination.

The notion that NFL teams are trying to somehow punish the Browns for the Watson contract by not trading for Mayfield is just completely bogus. If you are of the mindset of the NFL owners sticking it to the Browns, hit me up as I have a beach in Nebraska I’d like to sell ya.

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