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Dirty accusations taint NBA Playoffs

If you’ve watched the NBA for long enough, you’ve undoubtedly seen the league go through its fair share of seismic changes.

Salaries have exploded, with the average annual number per player being nearly 10 times higher than it was during the early 1990s. Then there’s the proliferation of three-point shooting, which didn’t even exist in the NBA until the 1979–80 campaign. Games are also turned on their head, tilted on their side and shaken about several times a contest because of official reviews, which give refs the ability to use replay to overturn or confirm previous calls they’ve made.

But one thing that seems to have ratcheted up considerably this year has to do more with ethics, which have clearly gone by the wayside at times in shows of emotion. More specifically, a number of folks throughout the league have openly speculated about the perceived intentionality or recklessness of physical plays that have resulted in injuries.

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