Discussion – Refining Ideas for the Obi Wan Kenobi Series Eps. 1-4

I haven’t been very pleased with how this show has been developed. This isn’t a complete overhaul, no real recastings or dramatic overall story changes, but more a refining of the show’s structure so far. For this, here are the ideas God, if He wills, has blessed me with:

First thing, a specification about the structure of Obi and Vader’s character arcs and their intended conclusion with this pitch:

Obi’s character arc is about the acceptance of his loss and failure. Since the end of ROTS, he’s been in the bargaining phase, thinking that if he can teach Luke he can fix his failure with Anakin. He’s been keeping his mind fixed on the future and the past, at the expense of the moment. When Owen tells Obi that he’ll never let Luke be trained by him, the idea of that hope he was pursuing, that he can redeem his failure with Anakin is cut off and Obi, though relieved because he’s afraid of failing with Luke as well, he becomes depressed. Later, he has this to the point where he really thinks, in a dark emotional place, he should’ve murdered Anakin on Mustafar. He has to come to the realization that nothing he does can fix the past, accepting that Anakin is also responsible for himself and that he has to let Anakin go.

Vader’s character arc is almost a parallel of Obi’s. Since mustafar, Anakin’s been tormented with his anger, pain and guilt, and he seeks to take that out on everyone he can, obsessed with the past and seeking nothing but revenge in the present, unwilling to accept his own responsibility for what happened, blaming Obi-Wan in particular for his condition and the loss of Padme and his child. Anakin’s arc is him, by the end, thinking Obi’s dead, but not being sure, and feeling hollow at this, almost depressed, because his hatred of Obi is all he has left and now he can’t take it out on him, some part of him missing Obi, even if it’s out of unresolved, to Anakin, desire for revenge. Anakin is left feeling empty, still filled with anger, but nowhere to place it, only himself. He fully renounces Anakin as a part of his identity, placing his focus on achieving order in the galaxy, his goal of becoming emperor being placed in sharper focus, for him, to make all the terrible things he’s done worth it, in his mind, still a part of him wanting to hold on to the Anakin identity of being the hero, and fulfilling his destiny.


I felt the previously on was forced. I felt it’d have worked more, to me, if it’s used more as a nightmare Obi-Wan is having and the nightmare reaches the part where Anakin is burning alive, intercut with Padme dying and Obi-Wan agreeing to watch over Luke, Bail saying he’ll take Leia, Obi-Wan giving Luke to Beru and Owen, then showing Anakin burning alive, more and more, with the music rising and getting more intense, with Obi-Wan saying he loves Anakin, and Anakin screaming that he hates Obi-Wan, SMASH CUT to Obi-Wan waking up from his nightmare, as the words “I have failed you, Anakin” echoing in his head, and then show him going on about his day. Then deal with the other stuff. And Obi-Wan going on about his day is the opener.

The show takes place 7-8 years after Revenge Of The Sith, not 10.

The Inquisitors are never on Tatooine, going after that jedi. They’re on another planet, and the jedi escapes on a transport. No exposition about Reva wanting Kenobi. Unravel that more slowly.

The Owen and Obi-Wan conversation is basically Obi-Wan’s main conflict for the first episode. They talk once, Obi asking about Luke, Owen dismissing it.

Owen is in the episode more and talks with a young Luke, who has begun asking questions about his dad, knowing he’s adopted. Owen struggles with what he should do here. Beru has more weight in this, having never known her dad, she feels like it’s their responsibility to support his curiosity about his family. Owen decides he feels it’s their responsibility to protect Luke, to ensure they he doesn’t get caught up in the same delusions of grandeur that he thinks got Anakin killed, especially considering how the jedi were killed.

Obi-Wan lies to the jedi when they find him, about what he’s doing there, in case the jedi would get caught, he wouldn’t give information about what’s going.

Don’t cut to Leia, for the first time, until after Owen rejects Obi-Wan training Anakin outright. Obi is left depressed from that, the idea of his only remaining life goal having been taken from him, unsure how to move forward. He asks Qui-Gon for guidance, questioning how he can go on when he has no way to fix what’s happened. But Qui-Gon still hasn’t replied back. Then, from that, cut to Leia for the first time.

Obi finds the jedi dead, not by the Inquisitors, but done by the crime run mob of Tatooine, as a warning to anyone, and as a way to keep the empire out of their business. Obi is left even more defeated by this, the struggle of trying to protect the future and the compromises he makes to do so weighing on him, the guilt of everything messing with his head, feeling responsible for everything.

Leia being adopted isn’t known by anyone. Though Leia herself is developed to feel out of place, without really knowing why. Leia tells her parents about a dream she had of a beautiful kind, sad woman. Bail tells her that no matter how she feels, she is their daughter and that’s what matters.

No running scene with Leia, not in the way it was done.

Obi-Wan’s first rejection of rescuing Leia is developed more in that he knows Inquisitors were hunting that jedi, that they could be watching close by, and that doing something could draw attention and get Luke killed/captured, maybe even draw them to Leia and her potential, though he is tormented by the past, he pushes himself to try and accomplish the final goal of keeping them safe, thinking that’s all he has left.

Bail doesn’t come to Tatooine. But instead makes his plea with him in the very same scene, which Obi does agree to, but struggles with, as Bail tells him that a tatoo spotted by one the alderan guards on the men links him to a criminal gang on Da-yu, suggesting that he looks there first. The reason for seeking Obi’s help, and no one else, being that they’re afraid Leia is showing signs of force sensitivity and he’s the only other person who knows about that.

He doesn’t flash the lightsaber at the transport, but keeps it hidden.


Leia doesn’t start running away from Obi. They’re attacked by a swath of bounty hunters and separated.

Leia never learns that his name is Obi-Wan. But only ever hears his name as Ben.

Leia and Obi can still bond, she can begin to trust him (she doesn’t fully know how, but she can feel his emotions, his pain, sadness, the fear he has of being caught, how closed off he is because of these things and his desire to protect someone close to him and that he helps her in spite of it), he likes her (maybe her sassyness reminds him of Anakin). Leia, someone who had no real idea of the outside galaxy’s suffering and those who take heroic action in spite of it, is inspired by this man’s heroic actions, as she witnesses some hardship that the empire has brought about. Obi-Wan is reminded of the drive to fight (having thought that all his destiny was left was to teach Luke) in this little girl’s drive and resilience.

Reva doesn’t find a connection between Bail Organa and Obi-Wan in the records. She finds visual recordings of Obi-Wan on coruscant after Order 66, but only after Bail Organa touched down for the emergency senate hearing, and she essentially makes a shot in the dark, that they may be connected.

The kidnapping of an imperial senator’s daughter is never learned about by any of the Inquisitors. The Grand Inquisitor is reprimanding Reva, instead, for her going on an unsanctioned mission.

There’s no fakeout death for the Grand Inquisitor.

Reva doesn’t know Vader is Anakin.


Obi-Wan carefully takes out his lightsaber when Vader is hurting people in the street. He looks at it, feeling the weight and pain of when he used it last, considering taking action, but, conflicted about what it would mean if he was caught (that Luke and Leia could be caught as well), he decides to hide, the pain of him hearing others be hurt shown on his face. Obi opts to attempt a distraction to catch Vader’s attention. But it’s not use, Vader senses Obi and goes after him. Obi, hiding, is faced with Vader in the quarry still. Obi carefully ignites the lightsaber, readying it for Vader, but instead uses the force to cause a gravel to fall between them, Vader’s vision being obscured. When Vader gets a clear visual, Obi’s gone. Vader calls him a coward. Obi continues to try and hide, as Vader’s voice echoes throughout the quarry, taunting him, but is caught off guard by Vader’s attack.

Meanwhile, Leia isn’t recaptured. Reva places a tracker on the ship that Leia, Tala and Obi-Wan are going to escape on.

The Obi and Vader fight does show how out of practice Obi is, where he’s outmatched by Vader, and the fight still ends with Obi being dragged through burning coals, Vader telling him he will make him suffer the same way he has. Tala fires on a water tank, spraying the water on the coals and knocking the tower down between Vader and Obi. Stormtroopers and Reva rush to Vader’s side, Tala and her droid getting Obi out of there as well. Reva begins to order the stormtroopers to go after them, but Vader stops her, asking if she placed the tracker. Reva says yes. Vader responds that that’s good, because Vader doesn’t want this hunt to end quickly, then saying to Obi-Wan through the force that to run, because he can hide from him no longer.


This episode starts with a flashback to Obi-Wan training a 14 year old Anakin.

As this happens, it’s intercut between Obi being taken, burned, injured to the bacta tank and Vader entering his hyperbaric chamber room and disrobing from his suit, being left to seeth about Obi.

In the flashback, a 14 year old Anakin is high strung, hard on himself, constantly pushing to perfect every little detail. The lesson is about the control of emotions as a jedi. Obi is exasperated, not knowing how to handle the situation. He shuts Anakin down, telling him that if he’s going to continue to not understand the point of the lesson, to not listen to him, then he should stop. Obi regrets it, and Anakin sulks away, angry at Obi, telling him that he doesn’t even care if he becomes a jedi, because he doesn’t care about him, stating that he’s not Qui-Gon, as he storms away. Later Obi walks up to Anakin, as he attempts to calm himself. Obi is apologetic, understanding but also direct about Anakin’s conflicts, telling him that it’s okay to fail, to not always succeed. Anakin tells him that he doesn’t understand what he’s feeling. Obi suggests he may, because he’s felt it before, but that as jedi they’re responsibility is to live with the weight of how they feel, of what they feel, and strive to control it, that to control their emotions can help them focus, and that they have to have that focus to help others, beyond themselves.

Second flashback is after Attack Of The Clones. Obi-Wan asks Anakin about why he was on Tattooine. Anakin tells him that he went to check on his mom, found out that she was had gotten married to a moisture farmer named Lars, and that she died. Obi can see that there’s more to the story, but doesn’t push it, because he doesn’t want to know and he promises Anakin he won’t tell the council.

Third flashback is during The Clone Wars. It’s a live action recreation, in part, of the deleted scene from The Clone Wars where Anakin and Obi talk about Ahsoka leaving.

Fourth flashback is the battle of mustafar at the end of Revenge Of The Sith. Obi maims Anakin and tells him he loved him. The flashback however shifts into a a shared dreamstate between Vader and Obi, in their respective bacta tanks, where the ground beneath Anakin crumbles and his body slides into the burning lava, him screaming out in agony at being burned alive as Obi watches on in horror. But Anakin then emerges from the lava, his body morphed into Vader. Vader tells Obi that if he loved him he would’ve killed him. Obi battles Vader in this state, briefly. Obi takes his arms and legs off again, then his Vader helmet, leaving a helpless, scarred Anakin’s face looking up at him, a brief moment of vulnerability showing on his face, asking Obi to please kill him. Obi, in a moment of dark thoughts, murders Anakin in his mind. This moment causes Obi to jerk awake, screaming in horror at what he did, what he, on some level, wants to do, to not only prevent Anakin’s pain, but also prevent all that he’s done.

Vader, without his suit, in his hyberbaric chamber room, speaks to Reva about her goals, his face obviously obscured by his healed burns and a breathing mask. This gives Hayden Cristensen more scenes, more to do. She’s taken aback by what’s been done to him. Vader explains to her what his goals are, how he’s in torment just to breathe and that Kenobi is responsible, and that he’s going to punish him for it.

Meanwhile Obi is shaken, emotionally tormented by what his thoughts are.

That’s it, so far! I may post other episode ideas, after they’re released, but this is it for now!