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Ex-NFL cheerleader gets Times Square billboard to find love

This traffic reporter is stopping traffic — in the name of love. 

Sha Tabb, 42, a former NFL cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins who now works as a traffic reporter in South Florida, has her dating profile on full display across a massive, 48-foot billboard in Times Square thanks to her two best wing women helping her find a mate.

Tabb’s best friends, Jacqui and Sheri, made the dating profile on Wingman, a dating app that allows friends and family to meddle in the love lives of their loved ones. They described their 5-foot-11, brown-eyed, brunette BFF of more than 10 years as ambitious and down to earth, calling her “kind, loving, friendly, beautiful, genuine and easy to talk to.” 

And if that isn’t enough of a sell, Tabb, a career woman with a big personality, brings a lot of fun to the table working in TV and entertainment. She’s been featured in music videos like Cardi B’s “I Like It” and once worked as a backup dancer for Pitbull. Her friends say she’s bumped elbows with A-listers such as Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Machine Gun Kelly — so it’s safe to say she’s not shy and won’t be a wallflower on a potential first date.

Sha Tabb's dating profile billboard in Times Square.
Tabb will have her dating profile on full display on a billboard in Times Square thanks to her friends helping her find love.
Sha Tabb (left) and her friend's Jacqui and Sherri, who submitted her dating profile to Wingman.
Tabb (left) and her friend’s Jacqui and Sheri, who submitted her dating profile to the app Wingman.
Courtesy of Wingman

“I am a true believer that you are the only thing standing in your way,” Tabb told local news outlet VoyageMIA.com in 2019 when discussing her career. Perhaps she’s doing exactly that when it comes to finding love.

“She’s active, loves to travel, runs marathons, and she’s a dog mom. We’re hoping we can find her someone as special as she is,” Jacqui and Sheri, who worked in radio with Tabb for more than a decade, said in an emailed statement to The Post, adding that Tabb is looking for a serious relationship.

Hopefully prospective singles who lock eyes with Tabb’s billboard — up at 727 Seventh Ave. between 48th and 49th streets just opposite the M&M store and next to an ad for Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour” album — are tourists from South Florida or those willing to go long-distance, her friends suggested. Tabb’s dream man will be athletic, health-conscious and into sports like she is. She’s also looking for a family man, and hopes to one day have children.

“I think she would love to just meet someone local or not too far from sunny South Florida,” Jacqui said of her friend in an email, adding: “There’s just so many things I can say about my friend, but I truly hope that we can find someone as special as she is because she’s so sweet and deserves to be happy.” 

Former NFL cheerleader Sha Tabb
Tabb is hoping to find someone “athletic, health-conscious and into sports like she is.”

The inspiration for making Tabb a billboard of her own came after her friends saw a viral, heartfelt dating profile from a mom with cancer, Beth Davis, who made a similar profile for her daughter, Molly. Beth hoped to find Molly the man of her dreams with the flashy tagline, “Date My Daughter” — making it her mission to “know I’m leaving her in good hands.”

“Considering that I have serious health issues, there is urgency,” Davis told The Post in January.

Tabb’s story, meanwhile, caught the attention of dating app Wingman CEO Tina Wilson, who said in a statement, “It goes to show you can be beautiful inside and out, and a professional cheerleader even, and still struggle to find the right partner.”

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