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Exceeding city’s allotted parking limits to result in multiple tickets

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Parking longer than the designated maximum time posted on signage in Lafayette once got you a ticket.

One ticket.

Thanks to an approved Lafayette city ordinance, parking beyond the allotted time could result in multiple tickets for a single incident. 

A parking sign in downtown Lafayette, on June 7, 2022.

Lafayette City Council passed several ordinances and resolutions at June’s meeting, including one addressing parking issues.

Notable, Resolution 2022-14 unanimously passed and declared racism as a public health crisis in the City of Lafayette. The Journal & Courier reported on the matter in more detail earlier this week.

Other measures:

  • Ordinance 2022-11 would allow parking officials to issue multiple tickets to individuals who exceed the allotted parking time limits
  • Resolution No. 2022-13 confirmed an Economic Revitalization Area (ERA) for the Fairfield Manufacturing Company
  • Resolution 2022-15 approved the issuing of bonds to help fund Lafayette’s new Public Works Campus

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