Former Willowridge football coach enjoys new beginnings in NFL | Sports -

Former Willowridge football coach enjoys new beginnings in NFL | Sports

Ramon Chinyoung’s journey to the NFL was a roundabout one which took him on some detours.

As a result, he’s not taking anything for granted in his new position.

“I’m blessed, man,” Chinyoung said last week.

Since February, the 34-year-old Chinyoung has been serving as a quality control coach for the Denver Broncos while also assisting with the offensive line.

It’s his first NFL coaching gig after 10 years at the high school level in Texas. Chinyoung was an offensive line coach and later the assistant head coach at Houston’s Westfield High School from 2012-2019 before serving as the head coach at FBISD’s Willowridge High School in 2020 and 2021, compiling an 11-8 record in two seasons.

“It’s exciting, it’s a joyful moment waking up every day,” he said. “It’s a lot faster than Texas high school football, but I can’t complain. I’m enjoying every minute of every day that I’m here.”

Chinyoung played football in high school, and later went on to become a four-year letterman at Southern University from 2007-2010. He was an all-first team All-SWAC selection twice while being honored as a first team All-Louisiana player in 2009.

He would later on sign with the Atlanta Rattlers, a former pro indoor football team, before coaching at Westfield from 2012-2019 as an assistant offensive line coach and the assistant head coach and then moving to Willowridge.

But he always had his eye on getting to the NFL, and said he jumped at the chance when it became available a few months ago.

“Being a former player, your goal is always to make it to the NFL,” he said. “And although that wasn’t at the time what God had for me, the opportunity and new beginnings that I have now to be here is amazing. Just being in this atmosphere is as good as it gets.”

What’s more, he said advancing in coaching is all about developing relationships. He was on the same coaching staff with new Broncos offensive coordinator Justin Outten at Westfield from 2012-2016, and said Outten is the one who made him aware of the Broncos’ opening in the first place.

Outten was the offensive line coach at Westfield from 2012-2016 while Chinyoung was his assistant, and was hired by the Broncos on Feb. 2 according to a report from the Houston Chronicle. After Outten extended the offer to interview with the Broncos a few weeks later, Chinyoung flew out to Denver for the interview. It was a short time later that he was offered (and accepted) the job.

“Everything you do is about relationships, and through those relationships, opportunities present themselves,” Chinyoung said. “You have to take it upon yourself to be ready. (Justin) found a way to open the door for me, and I had to go in and knock it down.”

As the quality control coach, Chinyoung said his job is to form relationships with the younger players and assist the offensive line coach, among other duties – a natural transition considering that’s where his coaching career began. And though the speed is faster than high school on the field, he said the importance of fostering those connections and learning from everyone around him remains constant.

“Coaching high school football is all about the kids, and getting an opportunity to coach in the NFL is about the same thing,” he said. “The only real difference is that it just so happens these kids are grown men… When you’re a former player and you start coaching, you think you know everything. But you have to learn to teach and how to deliver it to student athletes.”

And so far, he has had to do it without his family by his side, which he admitted wasn’t the easiest thing. His wife is a teacher and coach at Klein Oak High School in Houston, while Chinyoung’s youngest son is still in an FBISD elementary school.

However, he said he finds time to FaceTime them every day, and that doing so keeps things in perspective. Once the school year is over, he said, his wife and son will move out to Denver.

“It wouldn’t be easy without being able to see your family face-to-face. We’re definitely busy on this level,” he said. “But there’s always time – family’s a big thing that we believe in here, so we’re making time for it.”

He’s in a dream spot, and is soaking up every moment.

“There’s nothing greater than coaching in the National Football League,” he said.

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