Fortnite YouTuber messages Reality Tree owners in real-life, results are unexpected -

Fortnite YouTuber messages Reality Tree owners in real-life, results are unexpected

This season, the Fortnite map looks very different. Also, what was once a mostly Imagined Order-controlled area is now the most fun and vibrant place on the entire island.

Command Cavern is now Rave Cave, and the rest of that side of the map has Reality Tree blooms running wild. Everything is bright and colorful and seems to be very powerful.

As a result, a new wrinkle has been added to the game. Reality Pods can be found all around that area. Breaking them will give players seeds that they can plant. Over time and with a little care, they can produce up to Mythic rarity weapons.

For those who have already gotten the Reality Sapling to Mythic once, what did you get?I got a Mythic Hammer Assault Rifle!

When planting these on the island, loopers should know that others can see them and see whose tree it is, much like if a tent is placed. One YouTuber took advantage of this and messaged the tree owners with unexpected results.

Fortnite gamers’ messages to sapling owners bring lots of surprises

When users plant a Reality Seed, they risk someone destroying or harvesting their tree. For this reason, it’s good to try and place it somewhere safe and perhaps not so easily accessible.

However, most gamers plant them as soon as they get the seeds, which happens to be in and around Reality Falls. Landing here in any given match will usually have players see several others’ saplings.

One YouTuber decided to take advantage of this and message every looper who planted a tree to get them to return.


The Fortnite YouTuber, HJDoogan, began by landing in Reality Falls and looking for names on saplings. Fortunately for them, there were lots of them planted.

Fortnite is cross-platform, making an endeavor like this a little more frustrating. In fact, during the video, several sapling owners that the content creator tried to message turned out to be PC users.

The YouTuber was able to find several usernames that worked and tried to message them. They were largely unsuccessful for a while, and the first few messaged players didn’t respond.

One of the most ironic situations came when the Fortnite YouTuber came across a sapling owned by CloakedSnipez. The first step in all these processes was searching for the user on the PlayStation app.

They would show up if they had a PlayStation account and could be messaged there. CloakedSnipez did have a PlayStation account, but as soon as the streamer typed it in and prepared to send a message, CloakedSnipez’s name showed up in the kill feed.

Before a single letter could be typed, CloakedSnipez was eliminated. The timing could not have been more exact.

Trying to message a sapling owner (Image via HJDoogan/YouTube)
Trying to message a sapling owner (Image via HJDoogan/YouTube)

Several others didn’t even respond to the messages, though one eventually did. Unfortunately, the individual was in another match and responded with that information.

Finally, one looper returned to try and valiantly protect their tree. They got a good bit of damage on the YouTuber but ultimately lost the battle and responded, asking what the Fortnite YouTube channel was as they had figured out what was going on.

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