Free cash, boosts, and more -

Free cash, boosts, and more

Roblox Birdkeepers is a fun all-genre game by Beekeepers Official. Released last May, players can explore mountains while birds fight by their side. They will have to gather delicious food and trade it for fantastic bags and tools.

They will require boosts, cash, and some treats to survive throughout the game. This is an entertaining multiplayer experience that can be played with upto six players on a single server.

The codes in Roblox Birdkeepers are for the users’ advantage. By redeeming these codes, they can improve their game, make their gaming sessions more interesting, and leave an impact on their opponents.

No codes for Roblox Birdkeepers have expired yet. Readers can check out all of the accessible codes, as well as redemption methods and where to find new codes, in the post below.

Codes to redeem free rewards in Roblox Birdkeepers

New active codes for Birdkeepers


Roblox codes are case-sensitive, which means that players must enter them exactly as they are listed below in order for them to work. If any of the codes are entered incorrectly or with typos, they won’t work at all.

Players can simplify the approach by copying the codes and pasting them into the appropriate text box and location. This will not only make things easier for the users, but it will also save them time and effort.

Roblox codes are also not everlasting, which means that they are not intended to stay in the game permanently and will be removed by the developers after a certain amount of time. As a result, players should attempt to use these codes as quickly as feasible.

With that said, here are all the new as well as old but active codes for Roblox Birdkeepers (June 2022):

  • supertreats – Redeem this code to receive some boosts (NEW)
  • EXCALIBUR – Redeem this code to receive 1x Sunflower Seashore boost, 1x Peanut Place boost, 1x Carrot City boost, 1x Noob Boost, $50,000, 1x Rare Treat, 1x Legendary Treat
  • pro – Redeem this code to receive 1x Almond Avenue Boost
  • happyhundredthousand – Redeem this code to receive 1x Canary Campus boost, $1,000
  • Balance – Redeem this code to receive 1x Noob Boost, $1,000, 3x Common Treats
  • ExoticExoticExotic – Redeem this code to receive 1x Sunflower Seashore Boost, 1x Legendary Treat
  • SuperMumazing – Redeem this code to receive 5x Seed Boost, $1,000, 3x Common Treats, 1x Rare Treat
  • thnxforplaying – Redeem this code to receive Noob Boost, 10x Fruit Boost, $350, 3x Common Treats, 1x Rare Treat
  • sneakuspeekus – Redeem this code to receive Seed Boost
  • Macadamia – Redeem this code to receive $350 Cash, Fruit Boost, 3 Common Treat
  • RELEASE – Redeem this code to receive $250 Cash, Noob Boost, 3 Common Treat

Note: If players are having trouble redeeming any codes, they should close the game and then reopen it after a few minutes. By doing so, they will be sent to an upgraded server where the code may work.

How to redeem a code in Birdkeepers?


Redeeming a code in Birdkeeper is not a very challenging task and one can learn it by following the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Open Roblox on a suitable device like a PC, mobile, or any other device.

Step 2: Launch Birdkeeper.

Step 3: Search for the blue Twitter bird button which can be found on the side of the screen.

Step 4: Tap on the blue bird and a “Code Redemption” window panel will pop up.

Step 5: Enter the desired code from the list mentioned above into the available text box that says “Enter Code Here.” Or simply, copy the code from above and paste it into the required area.

Step 7: Hit the “Redeem” button to claim the rewards.

Players should make sure to double-check the entered code before hitting the redeem button to avoid any sort of typos or mistakes.

How to get more codes for Birdkeepers?


Users will need to follow the developers on social media to find new codes for Birdkeepers. For more information about codes and changes, they can follow Birdkeepers’ official account on Twitter or join Roblox groups.

Along with the codes, the developers included Excalibur, Philosopher’s Stone, Emerald Spoon, new boots, blue boots, speedy boots, crystal crash and magma abilities for the birds. Finally, they also introduced 25 bird areas with two new fields with the game’s most recent update.

Players can acquire the ability to trade while also making profits through this wonderful experience. This is a fun, new title that viewers should try out if they haven’t already, and invite their friends to play along as well. They can then find out who will be the greatest among thousands of other birdkeepers from around the world.

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