Gamivo Is Your Ticket to Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and eShop Discounts -

Gamivo Is Your Ticket to Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and eShop Discounts

Digital games are incredibly convenient. You can be browsing the Microsoft Store one moment and playing a game the next. Gone are the days of waiting for postage and finding space on your bulging shelves. 

But this convenience comes at a cost. Buying games and, more recently, subscriptions to services like Xbox Game Pass tends to be quite expensive now that there’s no second-hand marketplace to keep prices down. 

Except there is. You just don’t know where to find it.

Digital activation code resellers like are the second-hand game shops of the digital age, giving gamers the opportunity to buy and sell codes for games and other digital media at a fraction of their original price

Millions of gamers have used Gamivo to buy cheap games. Even so, there are still some unfortunate misconceptions about how digital reselling platforms work. Worse, many gamers are seemingly unsure whether it’s safe, legal, or ethical to use them. 

This is a perfect state of affairs for huge companies like Valve, Sony, Nintendo, Epic, Microsoft, and others. It means far too many gamers fail to shop around, buying games at inflated prices from their monolithic digital stores. 

We’re here to put your mind at rest so that you can join the millions of savvy gamers already taking advantage of code reselling platforms. 

Legally speaking, buying and selling activation codes is no different from buying and selling physical items. The only difference is that the transaction involves a string of numbers and letters instead of a shiny disc in a plastic case. 

Basically, your activation code is yours, and you can do what you like with it. 

In many cases, the codes that you can buy on Gamivo came to the sellers in bundles. We’ve all bought Humble Bundles containing games that we didn’t need or want. 

Rather than leaving them to fester, sellers can make a bit of cash by selling their unwanted codes on, and buyers can score a bargain by buying them. 

Not only is this good news for buyers and sellers, but it works for developers and publishers too. Think about it. Each activation code equals one sale, and nobody can sell a game once they’ve redeemed a code. 

In contrast with the physical second-hand market, which took publishers out of the equation entirely, the digital reselling market only ensures that each code paid for is actually used. 

That’s the legal and ethical arguments dealt with. What about the safety argument? Is buying an activation code from Gamivo as reliable as buying a game from the PlayStation Store?

Pretty much. While it’s important to remember that you’re buying from individuals, and not all individuals are alike, Gamivo has a number of measures to keep you safe and steer you away from disappointment. 

First up, it prominently displays user ratings for each seller. It also recommends that you check the region of the code you’re looking at so that you don’t accidentally spend money on a code you can’t redeem. 

Then there’s the Customer Protection Program, which covers every transaction on the platform. If somebody lets you down, Gamivo will put it right. There’s even a 24/7 customer service tool, which you can access by joining the Gamivo Smart VIP program. 

It’s features like these that allow Gamivo to be the only reselling platform officially registered in the EU, and subject to the EU’s strict consumer protection laws.

At the time of writing, Gamivo boasts nearly 3.5 million customers. Between them, they’ve left user reviews averaging 4.3 out of 5, from more than 27,000 reviews. 

To give you a sense of how impressive this is, the Epic Games Store has only managed to attract around 3.5 thousand reviews. Even more embarrassingly, its average user score is just 1.6. And it gives away a free game every week. 

So if you’re looking to cut the cost of your Game Pass subscription, renew your Netflix account, buy a game, or even pick up some cut-price hardware, you can do it on with confidence. 

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