Goals and Summary of Kosovo 0-1 Greece in UEFA Nations League. | 06/05/2022 - bdsthanhhoavn.com

Goals and Summary of Kosovo 0-1 Greece in UEFA Nations League. | 06/05/2022

4:44 PM7 hours ago


The match Greece 1-0 Kosovo is over.

4:30 PM8 hours ago


last minutes of the game Greece is taking the 3 points for the visit.

4:17 PM8 hours ago


Greece continues to press and the match remains level at 1-0.

4:16 PM8 hours ago


Modifications are made in both teams, they begin to move their pieces.

4:04 PM8 hours ago


Kosovo is looking for an equalizer.

4:03 PM8 hours ago


The intensity of the match increases a little but the score is still not moving.

3:57 PM8 hours ago


Kosovo fails to generate danger

3:56 PM8 hours ago


Greece continued to dominate the second half.

3:32 PM8 hours ago


End of the first half Kosovo 0-1 Greece.

3:21 PM9 hours ago


Gooooool of Greece opens the scoring in favor of the visitors.

3:19 PM9 hours ago


The intensity of the match has dropped, both teams have stopped attacking.

3:16 PM9 hours ago


Greece came close to scoring a goal but Kosovo defended very well.

3:10 PM9 hours ago


Kosovo gradually recovers the ball but loses it very quickly in the match.

3:03 PM9 hours ago


Greece stifles Kosovo but fails to open the scoring.

2:59 PM9 hours ago


Greece continues to dominate the ball Kosovo fails to control the match.

2:54 PM9 hours ago


A very close match with both teams fighting hard for the ball.

2:48 PM9 hours ago


Greece dominates the game in the first minutes.

2:45 PM9 hours ago


The match between Kosovo and Greece kicks off.

2:35 PM9 hours ago

All ready

Everything is ready for the start of the match, the two teams have stopped warming up and are preparing to take the field for the start of the match.

2:30 PM10 hours ago

Already warming up

Both teams are warming up 30 minutes before kick-off.

2:15 PM10 hours ago

Curious Fact

In the last 3 matches where these two teams have met, they have ended in a draw, which makes this match a very close game, and surely today will be the same.

2:10 PM10 hours ago


Little by little the fans are beginning to arrive at the Fadil Vokrri Stadium for the start of the match, a game that will surely fill us with excitement.

2:05 PM10 hours ago


The referee in charge of the game will be referee John Beaton.

2:00 PM10 hours ago

Last Match

The last time these two teams met was on November 14 last year in the World Cup qualifiers, where they split points after a one-goal draw.

1:55 PM10 hours ago


The central referee in charge of dispensing justice will be referee John Beaton.

1:50 PM10 hours ago

Stay tuned to follow Kosovo vs Greece live.

In a few moments we will share with you the lineups for the Kosovo vs Greece live match, as well as the latest information from the Fadil Vokkri Stadium. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL Mexico’s live minute-by-minute coverage.

1:45 PM10 hours ago

How to watch the Kosovo vs Greece match?

1:40 PM10 hours ago


The record leans to a draw in the last 4 matches the record indicates 1 win for Greece, 3 draws and Kosovo has never been able to defeat Greece, so tomorrow everyone leans to a Greek win or a draw.

1:35 PM10 hours ago

Last lineup Grecia

1:30 PM11 hours ago

Last Lineup Kosovo

1:25 PM11 hours ago

Fadil Vokrri Stadium

1:20 PM11 hours ago

Group 2 news

Group 2 of League C currently finds Kosovo leading the group with 3 points, followed by Greece with 3 points but one goal behind Kosovo, in third place with no points is Northern Ireland, and last place in the group with 0 goals scored and 2 conceded is Cyprus who have not been able to show their true soccer in the tournament.

1:15 PM11 hours ago

Greece: Also fighting for the leadership of Group 2

Likewise, as well as Kosovo, Greece will fight for the first place after defeating Northern Ireland 1-0, the Greeks will be looking for the 3 points on their visit and place themselves at the top of Group 2 in League C of the Nations League, a match that will undoubtedly be full of goals and emotions.

1:10 PM11 hours ago

Kosovo: For the leadership of group 2

After defeating Cyprus 2-0, the Kosovo team will look for the overall leadership of group 2 in league C, against Greece, a very experienced team that will also fight for the top of the same group.

1:05 PM11 hours ago

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