Happy Death Day 3 Gets Major Update From Blumhouse Boss

The final moments of Happy Death Day 2U teased that the adventures of the narrative were only just getting started, but underwhelming box office numbers prevented a third film from moving forward, yet producer Jason Blum recently confirmed a third film is often the topic of discussion with director Christopher Landon. The filmmaker was quick to note that, just because the pair are discussing the film, it doesn’t mean it’s definitely happening, but was also quick to note that fans shouldn’t give up hope entirely about a third entry finally coming to fruition. Landon was recently enlisted to develop a reboot of Arachnophobia.

“Guess who I had lunch with yesterday? Mr. Christopher Landon. And guess what we discussed? Happy Death Day 3,” Blum shared with ScreenRant in regards to a sequel. “We discussed it. I’m not saying we’re doing it, but we discussed it. It was very much on the top of our minds. I’m not saying we’re doing it, but I’m not saying we’re not doing it.”

In the years since Happy Death Day 2U hit theaters, Blum has been candid about the status of the series and how the disappointing box-office reception makes it more difficult to realize that third film. Luckily, that candid attitude also means that, when he offers a promising update, fans can likely put more trust in such remarks.

The franchise sees Tree (Jessica Rothe) getting murdered on her birthday, only to wake up and relive the day’s events, using each of her resurrections to try to track down who was responsible for killing her. A similar situation unfolds in Happy Death Day 2U, which includes the reveal that a quantum reactor is responsible for the rift in reality.

One of the last updates Landon himself offered came back in 2020.

“It’s definitely off to the side at the moment,” Landon shared with Empire, after confirming the upcoming narrative’s planned title would be Happy Death Day to Us. “I wish it wasn’t, and I know that [producer Jason Blum] is passionate about it, I know I’m very passionate about it, and I know that [star Jessica Rothe] is really eager to do it as well.”

He added, “I wrote the idea for the third movie some time ago. I think we’re all excited by it, because it’s different than the other two films, and so we’re really just crossing our fingers and hoping that our fanbase continues to grow – which is something that I’ve really enjoyed watching over the years, seeing more and more people discover both films. So who knows. There might be a time when it makes sense, and hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.”

Stay tuned for details on the possible future for the Happy Death Day franchise.

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