Highlights: San Marino 0-1 Iceland in Friendly Match 2022 | 06/09/2022 - bdsthanhhoavn.com

Highlights: San Marino 0-1 Iceland in Friendly Match 2022 | 06/09/2022

4:35 PMa day ago

Game is Over

The match ends, thanks for joining us in the broadcast of the friendly match San Marino 0-1 Iceland, we are waiting for you at VAVEL for more broadcasts.

4:32 PMa day ago


4 more minutes are added.

4:21 PMa day ago


The rhythm of the game slows down little by little and it seems that both teams are not looking to risk their players too much in these last minutes.

4:11 PMa day ago


Both teams begin to make adjustments to test all their players and rotate the squad. The pressure from San Marino continues but without shots on goal.

4:01 PMa day ago


The high pressure of San Marino continues in search of tying the game. Little connection in the last quarter of the field but the opportunities begin to be generated.

3:53 PMa day ago


The locals came out more motivated for this second half and seek to do damage from the beginning.

3:46 PMa day ago


Start the second half.

3:32 PMa day ago


We go into the break with an advantage by the minimum for Iceland.

3:31 PMa day ago


2 more minutes are added.

3:29 PMa day ago


Yellow card for Tommaso Zaferani from San Marino.

3:26 PMa day ago


Iceland increases the pressure and is already knocking on San Marino’s door with constant shots, although none directly on goal.

3:17 PMa day ago


The game is matched and returns to being fought in the middle of the field. Iceland seems more cautious waiting to do damage at speed.

3:07 PMa day ago


After the goal, the San Marino team tries to get hold of the ball in search of danger.

3:00 PMa day ago


GGGGOOOOAAAALLLL!!! Great shot by Aron Thrandarson to open the scoring of the game, Iceland goes ahead.

2:57 PMa day ago


First minutes of the game, the Icelandic team presses from the start and tries to do damage.

2:55 PMa day ago


Yellow card for Mirko Palazzi of San Marino.

2:47 PMa day ago


The game kicks off at the San Marino Stadium.

2:44 PMa day ago

Minutes before Kickoff

Start the presentation of the game.

2:34 PMa day ago

About to start

We are just minutes away from the start of the presentation of the game and the previous protocols.

2:23 PMa day ago

From the bench

These are the players who will start off the bench for both teams:
San Marino: S. Benedettini, E. Benedettini, D’Addario, Ceccaroli, Battisini, Nanni, F. Tomassini, Golinucci, Cesarini, D. Tomassini, Hirsch and Lunadel.
Iceland: Runarsson, Jonsson, Johannesson, Gunnalaugsson, Thorsteinsson, Haraldsson, Olafsson, Helgasson, Gudjohnsen, Muminovic, Magnusson, and Svanthosson.

2:10 PMa day ago


The arbitration designation for this match is as follows:
Center Referee: Michael Fabbri
Assistants: Giovanni Baccini and Marco Bresmes
4th Referee: Luca Zani

2:00 PMa day ago

Last duel!

This will be the first official match between both European teams, so we will see who is capable of playing better. Iceland starts as the big favorite for this game.

1:48 PMa day ago

Here we go!

We’re just under an hour away from the match between Ireland and Ukraine kicking off at the Aviva Stadium. Both teams will go out in search of victory. Who will make it tonight? Follow our coverage on VAVEL.

8:11 PM2 days ago

Stay with us to follow this game LIVE!

8:06 PM2 days ago

Where to follow this game?

We remind you that you can follow this game online through the VAVEL signal, it is your best option.

8:01 PM2 days ago

Jón Bödvarsson, a must see player!

7:56 PM2 days ago

How does Iceland arrive?

The Icelandic team begins a new football process after being left out of the process towards Qatar 2022 in the first round of the European qualifiers. The team took advantage of the FIFA date to put on this friendly game against the San Marino team because Russia was disqualified from international tournaments due to the war against Ukraine. This is why, having one less space in the UEFA Nations League calendar, they took the opportunity to have a game with San Marino and thus maintain the rhythm of the team. Iceland’s mission is to qualify for EURO 2024 and continue to demonstrate the team’s potential ahead of the upcoming qualifiers for the Canada-United States-Mexico 2026 World Cup.

7:51 PM2 days ago

Nicola Nanni, a must see player!

7:46 PM2 days ago

How does San Marino get here?

Those from San Marino come to this duel after being left without a ticket to the Qatar 2022 World Cup in the first round of the European qualifiers by finishing in last place in Group I, behind England, Poland, Albania, Hungary and Andorra. The representative of San Marino is one of the weakest teams in UEFA and little by little it shows a growth process, although it is still quite far from competing with the European mid-table teams. However, San Marino is in Group 2 of League D in the UEFA Nations League and, being a group of 3 teams, they have a space to play against Iceland and continue to show progress in their football for the future.

7:36 PM2 days ago


Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the San Marino vs. Iceland match, corresponding to the international friendly. The match will take place at the San Marino Stadium at 1:45 p.m.

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