How the NFL Draft Impacts Bettors and Fantasy Players -

How the NFL Draft Impacts Bettors and Fantasy Players

Now that a few days have passed, it’s time to review and digest the ramifications of the 2022 NFL draft. It opened in somewhat boring fashion with the first few picks before morphing into a potentially league-altering flurry of wheeling and dealing that saw two established receivers switch teams and nearly the entire league turn their noses up at a bad quarterback class.

And in the NBA, the first round came to a close over the weekend and the semifinals promptly began Sunday. Two more series tip off tonight.

See how the draft impacted the fantasy football landscape, how your favorite team fared and get expert picks for the second round of the NBA playoffs in today’s Winners Club.

2022 NFL Draft: Recapping the Weekend

The draft is in the past, so now is the time to synthesize what happened from Thursday to Saturday and how those 262 selections affect the NFL’s 32 franchises. And specifically for our purposes, how those picks impact the league from a fantasy and betting perspective.

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