How to download and play the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak demo

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a massive expansion to the highly successful Monster Hunter Rise. First announced earlier this year, Sunbreak was met with praise and a lot of anticipation. While maintaining most of the features of the base game, Sunbreak adds new gameplay elements and an extended story.

So what is playable in this demo?

Demo features and release date

Video via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases later this month. A playable demo was announced to be going live on June 14. This demo will be available to play for Nintendo Switch users and Steam players.

The demo allows players to choose any of the 14 weapons with no limitations to play with. It also features four playable quests that showcase the game’s features. Each quest has varying difficulty levels, we have sorted them in ascending levels of difficulty:

  • Beginner: Slay a Great Izuchi
  • Intermediate: Slay a Tetranodon
  • Expert: Slay an Astalos
  • Advanced: Slay Malzeno

Before choosing any of these quests, however, the demo also provides players with a refresher tutorial mission with features like the Wirebug as well as highlighting new features in the expansion such as Switch Skill Swap. The three tutorial missions are as follows:

  • Basic Training Quest
  • Wyvern Riding Training Quest
  • Switch Skill Swap Training Quest

The demo is free to play and requires 10 GB of hard disk space for installation. Players can choose to play the demo solo or with friends, with the demo supporting multiplayer for up to four players, provided each person downloads the demo. The demo version does not support local multiplayer and save files from this demo cannot be transferred over to the main game when it releases. The bonus pack can, however, be claimed using the save file from the demo.

Finally, the demo also provides players with a bonus item pack that can be claimed when they play the main game after release. The pack consists of:

  • 60 Mega Potions
  • 15 Pitfall Traps
  • 30 Energy Drinks
  • 15 Mega Demondrugs
  • 15 Mega Armorskins

Each of these items will ensure a good starting supply of hunting equipment, from capturing monsters with traps to potions that buff both attack and defense. The contents of this bonus item pack can only be claimed once per account.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases on Nintendo Switch and Steam on June 30 this year. For players that can’t wait any longer, this demo is perfect to practice those hunting skills for when the main game comes out.