How to edit videos for free on Windows 10? Here are 4 tools for you

In an evergrowing multimedia era, knowing how to edit video with the technology you already own and from your own home space has become an essential skill. Here are some tool recommendations for Windows 10 users.

Question: I want to start basic video editing on my Windows 10 computer and looking for suggestions for a beginner.

Answer: There was a time when the cost and complexity of video editing made it a challenging proposition for beginners, but all that has changed.

There are dozens of free options for video editing including those that work directly on smartphones and tablets, but for the best results, the additional real estate that a computer provides is preferable.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the need to commit the time to learn how to use these tools, so make sure you allocate plenty of “play time” before you attempt a serious project.

Windows Video Editor

If your needs are very basic, the free “Video Editor” from Microsoft that comes pre-loaded may be a good first step. Just go to the Start menu and type “video editor” to launch the program.