Hulu Original Movies: 10 Top Picks For Summer -

Hulu Original Movies: 10 Top Picks For Summer

Summer is a busy season for the film industry. Moviegoers flock to theaters in droves every year, but the pandemic has introduced another major source of summer films. Over the last few years, many popular streaming services have begun releasing original content. Hulu’s lineup of exclusive movies has grown steadily, and viewers look forward to a summer 2022 season full of new releases. This summer’s Hulu original movies span multiple genres and feature well-loved Hollywood stars. The lineup includes options for virtually every movie fan to enjoy.

10. No Exit Is A Suspenseful Film Adaptation Of A Novel

No Exit Hulu Original Movie

No Exit is a suspenseful thriller – perfect for summer movie viewing. This Hulu original movie took inspiration from a 2017 novel of the same name. The novel was well-loved by critics and fans alike and made a solid basis for this film. Protagonist Darby finds herself trapped in a blizzard with a group of strangers who must wait out the storm at a rehab center. However, Darby discovers that one of the strangers is involved in a kidnapping-in-progress. She must determine the kidnapper’s identity to save the intended victim. Viewers will enjoy following Darby through her quest to find the truth.

9. Deep Water Has A Star-Studded Cast

Deep Water Hulu Original Movie

Deep Water premiered on Hulu back in March but is still a great addition to a summer movie watchlist. The film is an erotic thriller with a complex plot. The movie stars Ben Affleck, Finn Wittrock, and many other highly recognizable films/television actors. Critics gave the film mixed reviews overall. Nevertheless, stand-out performances from Affleck and other cast members still make Deep Water highly watchable.

8. Crush Is A Coming-Of-Age Love Story

Crush Summer Movie

Coming-of-age stories are perfect for summer movies, and Crush delivers a unique take on the genre. The film was released at the end of April and has received mostly positive ratings from viewers. The story revolves around an aspiring high school artist named Paige. She joins her school’s track team to get closer to her long-time Crush. However, Paige discovers that love waits for her elsewhere. Crush is an excellent example of LGBTQ+ representation within the Hulu original movie lineup. It is as funny as it is heartwarming.

7. The Valet Is A Whirlwind Romantic Comedy

The Valet Summer Movie

The Valet premiered on May 20th and is already a popular choice for summer Rom-Com movies on Hulu. The film’s premise is exactly the kind of story fans expect from this genre. An unassuming valet catapults into an unexpected situation: pretending to be the boyfriend of a wealthy film star to mitigate a PR disaster. However, the star and the valet develop a bond that merges their two worlds. This Hulu original movie offers plenty of laughs along the way and a very satisfying ending.

6. Look At Me: XXXTenTacion Is A Compelling Biopic

Look At Me

Floridian rapper Jahseh Onfroy rose to fame as a SoundCloud rapper and gained a massive following in his short career. Look At Me: XXXTenTacion explores the brief, tumultuous life of the talented teen, who only lived to be twenty years old. His musical abilities and mental health struggles make the film tragically fascinating. This Hulu original movie premiered in March of 2022 and already has a high IMDB rating. The album Look At Me will be released sometime in June. Therefore, this is the perfect time to watch – or rewatch – this musical biopic.

5. Fire Island Is Inspired By Pride & Prejudice

Fire Island Hulu Original Movie

Films inspired by classical literature are typically solid choices for summer movie viewing. Fire Island is another excellent LGBTQ+ movie in Hulu’s summer 2022 lineup and just premiered on June 3rd. However, it is already enjoying a positive fan reception. Fire Island is a multicultural romantic comedy. The movie’s protagonists are two best friends who want to have an epic summer adventure. Although Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice is the inspiration for the friends’ experiences, the movie tells a thoroughly modern story.

4. Good Luck To You, Leo Grande Stars An Academy Award Winner

Good Luck Leo Summer 2022

Acclaimed actress Emma Thompson stars in Good Luck To You, Leo Grande. This British drama is about one woman’s journey to self-discovery. Thompson plays a retired school teacher who is also a widow. However, instead of relegating herself to a life of loneliness, the widow hires a young prostitute for companionship. This Hulu original movie will debut on June 17th, just in time to kick off the summer movie season. Critics have already given the film positive reviews, and audiences will likely do the same.

3. The Princess Depicts An Unlikely Hero

The Princess Summer 2022

Modern audiences enjoy films that turn popular tropes on their head, especially during the summer viewing season. Joey King stars as a disobedient princess who refuses to marry a sociopathic suitor. The suitor seeks revenge on the princess’s kingdom and sets his eyes on her father’s throne. However, the princess takes matters into her own hands to protect the domain. This July 1st release promises to be part fairy tale and part action film, which will appeal to a wide range of movie fans.

2. Not Okay Is A Social Media-Themed Drama

Not Okay

Zoey Deutch stars in Not Okay, a unique drama about an inspiring writer who uses Instagram to boost her career. She fakes a trip to France, which gains her plenty of followers. However, a tragic incident results in an even bigger lie and – for better or worse – an even more considerable following. Eventually, she even becomes an influencer, but it’s just a matter of time before everything comes crashing down. This Hulu original movie will be available to stream on July 29th.

1. Prey Is The Next Chapter In The Predator Movie Franchise

Prey Predator Prequel

Prey takes place three hundred years ago and features a Native American warrior battling an unexpected adversary. This upcoming summer movie is the next installment of the longstanding Predator film series. It is meant to be a prequel to all preexisting films and tells the origin story of humanity’s fight against the iconic alien race. Early trailers have fans hopeful for a satisfying fifth Predator movie. The film combines futuristic sci-fi with pre-colonial American historical fiction and will premiere on August 5th.

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