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ICYMI: “Aw man, I hate that name”

Philadelphia 76ers small forward Danny Green has suddenly found his shooting touch with the return of All-Star big man Joel Embiid. DG’s outside sniping was crucial in helping unclog the interior for drives to the paint and for “The Process” to operate.

Green started 2-14 from long range in the 76ers’ first two games before torching the Miami Heat in the next two. The 34-year-old shooter has now hit 10 of his last 13 three-point shots, which is why the nickname “Icy Hot” fits him to a tee.

As Ernie Johnson revealed Green’s moniker to Shaquille O’Neal, the Philly 3-and-D specialist couldn’t hide his embarrassment:

“Aw man, I hate that name. But, yeah, that’s it.”

“Aw man, I hate that name.” 😅@dgreen_14 and @SHAQ joke about the nickname “Icy Hot” https://t.co/zXSqHLiqit

When Shaq needled him by stating that he didn’t approve of the nickname since it didn’t pass by his office, Green gamely responded:

“Yeah, it’s my fault Shaq, I’ll make sure to put you on the asterisk or quote you or cite you on that one.”

The banter between the two started early in the interview when Shaq hilariously claimed to be the former Tar Heel standout’s shooting coach. Green was a rookie for the Cleveland Cavaliers when Shaq played his only season there in the 2009-10 season.

The legendary LA Lakers big man comically thought Danny Green’s nickname was “Leave It” since it was supposedly his shooting advice to DG.

“Icy Hot’s” shooting and defense have been essential to three championship teams that he was a part of. He has won one each with the San Antonio Spurs, Toronto Raptors and the LA Lakers.

The Philadelphia 76ers will need Danny Green to be more hot than cold

"Icy Hot" has been a valuable contributor to three championship teams. [Photo: Sports Illustrated]
“Icy Hot” has been a valuable contributor to three championship teams. [Photo: Sports Illustrated]

James Harden was the story of Game 4 when “The Beard” turned in a vintage performance, scoring a team-high 31 points, highlighted by 6-10 shooting from long-range. It remains to be seen, though, if Harden can replicate his performance as he is only shooting 36.5% from three-point range.

Before Game 4, Harden was even worse than Green. The former MVP was a horrific 4-19 from rainbow territory. If Harden reverts to what is seemingly his “normal,” the Philadelphia 76ers will badly need DG to keep his hot streak going.

People always talking sh$t on Danny Green but when it’s time for him to step up and be a star in his role he always deliver!!! It’s not a surprise tho because that’s what a 3 time Champion do. Carry the hell on…

Joel Embiid’s impact has been real and loud in the series. “Icy Hot” has been getting more open looks, with a little more space to jack up threes while “JoJo” is attracting all the attention. Green has been essential in Philly’s back-to-back wins and he will continue to be vital for the 76ers to upset the #1 seed in the East.

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