Indonesia Open Badminton 2022 Schedule, Tickets, Draw, Where to Watch? -

Indonesia Open Badminton 2022 Schedule, Tickets, Draw, Where to Watch?

This year’s Indonesian Open has started in Jakarta, Indonesia. Similarly, 32 countries will participate in this open. Along with this 247 best shuttles are going to participate. Most importantly, the prestigious event to be running from 14th to 19th June will be under the Health Protocol. Check Indonesia Open Badminton 2022 Schedule.

The previous year and the year before that had been hanging for two years due to the epidemic. So no risk will be taken in the event to be maintained at the stadium this year. Note that the 2022 Indonesia Open is a 2022 bwf world tour tournament. At the same time, the BWF’s approval of the event was assembled by the Badminton Association in Indonesia.

Indonesia Open Badminton 2022 Schedule, Tickets, Draw

Indonesia Open Badminton 2022 Schedule
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This event has been held since 1982. Not only this but it is also utilized in various forms. At the same time, it is one of the 1000 prestigious events of the Indonesian Open Badminton.

This open badminton is starting right after Indonesia Masters Badminton. Already, Rathi-maharishis are showing their achievements in Masters Badminton.

Needless to say, they will not be left behind in the Indonesian Open badminton. This open badminton since 2004 shows how much the badminton crazy nation can show their best.

However, in 2021 the Indonesia Open was grasping in Bali without crowds. But this year the crowd is anticipating to return as double.


I am giving you the schedule that is available so far-

  • 1st round – June 14,15
  • 2nd round – June 17
  • Quarter-final – June 18
  • Semi-final – June 18
  • Final – June 19


Tickets have been sold out overnight. It’s like not believing, but it’s true. Actually, it started selling through the official page of the Indonesian Badminton Association. And this work starts at midnight.

As a result, on Thursday 26th May 2022 everything was sold out in a short time. Friday 27th, 2022 Result comes All the tickets on the website sold out.

I say here that the price of each of your tickets ranges from Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 1,250,000.

Don’t worry, the organizing committee has assured us that the sale of tickets will start soon.

where to watch?

Download the Voot App on your phone now. You don’t just have to download the app, you have to choose voot select i.e. premium.

Because every match of Indonesia Open 2022 will be live in voot select. So you download the voot app, then select the voot select, then sit with popcorn in hand.

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