"Jayson Tatum is more Paul George than Kobe Bryant!": NBA Twitter finds parallels and symmetry between PG13 and the Boston Celtics star amidst a bizarre run of form  - bdsthanhhoavn.com

“Jayson Tatum is more Paul George than Kobe Bryant!”: NBA Twitter finds parallels and symmetry between PG13 and the Boston Celtics star amidst a bizarre run of form 

NBA Twitter will overanalyze and compare players from all eras. Modern comparisons are apt, this time it’s Jayson Tatum and Paul George. 

Paul George when in form is among the best players in the league. He is arguably top 12 when he hits his stride and there are very few players in the league who can stop him.

Jayson Tatum is in the same breath. The Boston Celtics superstar has been on scintillating form for this entire playoff run. He has beaten the likes of Jimmy Butler, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Kevin Durant to reach the NBA Finals.

But like his parallel, his form has been a little hot and cold at times. We all know what Paul George is capable of. Just three years ago he finished third in MVP voting. He also made the All-NBA first team that year.

Jayson is on the same trajectory. He earned his first All-NBA call-up this year and that too in the first team, no less. He might not have been in MVP contention this year, but we know he is coming for that prize.

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NBA Twitter compares Jayson Tatum to Paul George and finds eerie similarities

Well, here is the gist of the story; when Jayson Tatum is good, he is basically a top 10 player, an MVP candidate. But, when he is bad he is often times the worst player on the court.

Reminds you of something? Paul George is exactly the same type of player. What’s more, both players are superb 3&D wing players and are highly efficient scorers.

One user even goes so far as to say that Tatum is closer to Paul George than to Kobe.

Our thoughts? As far as we know, this comparison is apt, for now. Tatum has something that PG never did, a Finals appearance. He is also just two wins shy of his first NBA championship.

While the road in front of him is tough, it is most certainly a possibility. Jayson’s career still has a long road ahead and if he wants to avoid more comparisons to PG, he will need to fix the holes in his game.

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