Monsoon update: Prolonged spell of pre-monsoon, heat wave to abate north India, says Skymet

A vigorous Western Disturbance and its induced cyclonic circulation are expected to sweep over the Northern India region between the 15th and 20th of June, generating pre-monsoon weather activity. From the 15th of June onwards, the spread and intensity will rise, peaking on the 18th and 19th of June 2020, as mentioned by Skymet. The remnants of the system will continue to cast occasional weather activity between 20th-21st of June as well.

The upper part of Punjab, Haryana, North and East Rajasthan, Delhi, and West Uttar Pradesh will experience pre-monsoon weather activity for a week. Thunderstorms and strong showers are expected, along with lightning and strong gusts.

Between the 18th and 20th of June, intense weather activity will be enhanced by local heat, resulting in violent thunderstorm conditions. During the activity, loud thunder and intense lightning may disrupt aviation operations. Strong and gusty winds can cause trees to fall down and loose things to fly away. For a brief period of time, both road and aviation transportation will be significantly impacted. Transmission line disruption and power outages are also expected to occur. 

This comes as a respite to the residents of the region, as a heat wave has been sweeping areas of North India including the national capital. Mercury levels surpassed the 44-45°C mark in Ganganagar, Pilani, Hisar, Narnaul, Alwar, and Delhi. Najafgarh had the highest temperature of 46.4°C in the region. 

In the month of June, the plains of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, North Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh have largely remained clear of substantial Pre-Monsoon weather activity. Earlier this year, the months of March and April were the driest on record, with rainfall deficits of more than 95 per cent across these states.

While in the month of May, there were a few thunderstorms and wet spells with strong winds, the dry weather conditions returned to most of the regions in June and have been swept over by intense temperatures over the next several days. June has been a mostly dry month for the region, with minimal rainfall and scorching weather from June 1-13. During this time, entire northwest India (Hills & Plains) was 85 per cent deficient in terms of rainfall. 

During the time of the expected pre-monsoon activity in the Northern India region, the national capital, as well as regions of Punjab, Haryana, and West Uttar Pradesh, will have a cooling trend. The intense heat will be abated in the north and east of Rajasthan, and the daytime temperature will drop slightly. The national capital’s prolonged damp period will also serve as a precursor to the much-anticipated monsoon season.


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