NBA Last Two Minute Report shows Celtics hurt by two missed calls in Game 3 loss to Bucks -

NBA Last Two Minute Report shows Celtics hurt by two missed calls in Game 3 loss to Bucks

MILWAUKEE — The NBA acknowledged in their Last Two Minute Report on Sunday that officials missed five calls in the final moments of the Celtics-Bucks Game 3 matchup on Saturday afternoon.

However, the play that got the most attention of the game, a non-shooting foul on Marcus Smart with 4.6 remaining on the clock was deemed the right play. The league ruled “Jrue Holiday (MIL) commits a foul by making contact with Smart’s (BOS) arms before he is bringing the ball upward toward the basket. A personal foul is correctly called.”

The league also says there were no other fouls that should have been called on Giannis Antetokokunmpo or Bobby Portis during the frantic final sequence after Smart rebounded his own missed free throws.

While the officials called it right late, the NBA deemed there were plenty of mistakes before those, two that benefitted the Celtics and three that benefitted the Bucks. Here’s a full breakdown of those calls that were deemed incorrect.

1:54: Missed defensive foul call on Giannis

1:26: Missed defensive shooting foul on Jaylen Brown

:50: Missed five-second violation on Jrue Holiday on inbounds play

:26: Missed defensive 3-second on Celtics

:15: Missed defensive foul on Jayson Tatum

Ime Udoka tried to downplay his own complaints about the officiating in Game 3 on Sunday while stating the Celtics needed to not leave their fate in the hands of officials moving forward in this series.

“It was a missed call,” Udoka said of the Smart non-shooting foul. “The execution on the missed free throw was good. It looked like he got grabbed a little bit there. Overall, it’s one play. We have to be better in the third quarter. When I mentioned that yesterday, literally they missed a call that would’ve got three free throws and a chance to tie it obviously, so that stands out. Throughout the game, we could be better in the third quarter — especially with the turnovers and things of that nature.

“The way Antetokounmpo plays is the way he plays, and we know that. We understand that you gotta play through contact and physicality. And so, he’s a tough guy to officiate, but we got to stand our group. And we’ve had force with force. Overall, the refs have a tough job as far as that. Literally, the one play that stood out was the big one at the end. But things we have to play through and be better and not leave it in the hands of the ref, which we can’t do.”

The Celtics and Bucks tip off Game 4 in Milwaukee at 7:30 p.m. ET on Monday night.

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