Nepal vs Kuwait LIVE (0-2) | 06/11/2022 -

Nepal vs Kuwait LIVE (0-2) | 06/11/2022

1:53 PMa minute ago


Yousef Nase scored his second goal of the game and the Kuwaiti team’s third. It became a walk.

1:52 PM2 minutes ago

67′ Yellow

Gurung was sorely missed and received a card.

1:51 PM3 minutes ago

64′ Changes in Kuwait

1:27 PM28 minutes ago


Naser took the opportunity and extended the score to Kuwait.

1:24 PM30 minutes ago

Changes in Kuwait

1:21 PM33 minutes ago


Game follows 1 to 0 for Kuwait.

1:05 PMan hour ago


Nepal 0-1 Kuwait.

1:04 PMan hour ago


It was up to 46, but the referee extended the first half longer.

1:01 PMan hour ago


Let’s go to 46 minutes.

12:57 PMan hour ago


Kuwait continues with a lot of game volume, with 70% of ball possession and four shots. Nepal has not yet finalized.

12:50 PMan hour ago


Kuwait continues in the attack, after the goal, the team presses in search of the second.

12:49 PMan hour ago


AlRashidi opened the scoring for Kuwait, who had been pressing since the beginning of the game.

12:30 PMan hour ago


Game without a lot of emotions at first. Kuwait got off to a better start.

12:20 PM2 hours ago


Kuwait starts by getting more on the attack.

12:19 PM2 hours ago


It’s Asian Cup Qualifiers on VAVEL.

12:18 PM2 hours ago


Karki; Shrestha, Khawas, tamang, Aryal; Uparkoti, Angdembe, Jeu Thkuri; Ghalan, Dangi, Shrestha.

12:17 PM2 hours ago


Al Rashidi; Al Dosari, Al Hajeri, Al Rashidi, Waleed; Ayedh, Al Mutawa, Al Dhefiri, Khalaf; Al Sulaiman, Al Hebaiter.

1:26 AM12 hours ago

Tune in here Nepal vs Kuwait live score

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1:21 AM13 hours ago

Understand the Playoffs!

The champions of each group and the top five runners-up will join the other 11 teams in the Asian Cup.

1:16 AM13 hours ago

Likely Nepal!

Karki; Khawas, Tamang, Shrestha, Aryal; Uparkoti, Angdembe, Ghalan; Shrestha, Thakuri, Dangi.

1:11 AM13 hours ago

How does Nepal arrive?

Nepal é 168ℴ in the FIFA ranking, one of the last teams of the 211 that are on the list. The team arrives with three losses in a row. In the opening of the qualifiers for the Asian Cup, they lost to Jordan by 2 to 0 and increased the negative series. In the last 10 official games, there were six defeats, three victories and a draw. In the qualifiers for the World Cup, Nepal finished fourth in the group that had Australia, Kuwait, Jordan and Taipei; Chinese. There were six points won, four goals scored and 22 conceded.

1:01 AM13 hours ago

Likely Kuwait!

Kankone; Al Dosari, Al Hajeri, Hammoud Al Rashidi, Waleed; Al Sashidi, Al Fadhel, Al Ansari, Al Hebaiter; Al Mutawa, Nasser AL Sulaiman.

12:56 AM13 hours ago

How does Kuwait arrive?

O Kuwait ocupa a posição de número 146 no ranking da FIFA. Na estreia das Eliminatórias para Copa da Ásia, perdeu por 2 a 1 para a Indonésia. Nos últimos 10 jogos oficiais, foram seis derrotas, dois empates e apenas duas vitórias, sendo as duas em amistoso. Nas Eliminatórias para Copa do Mundo, o Kuwait ficou em segundo no grupo que tinha Austrália, Jordânia, Nepal e Taipé Chinês. A equipe terminou com 14 pontos, 10 a menos que o líder, que se garantiu na fase seguinte.

12:46 AM13 hours ago

The match will be played at the Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium

The Malaysia vs Bahrain match will be played at the Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium with a capacity to receive 60.000 people.

12:41 AM13 hours ago

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