Nintendo Download for 6/9/22 - Hey Poor Player -

Nintendo Download for 6/9/22 – Hey Poor Player


Nintendo Download | Super Perils of Baking

It’s time again for another Nintendo Download! The Nintendo Download for 6/9/22 has a bunch of great featured titles, including one of the very few sports games I’ll ever own. Besides that, there’s the usual savings and digital goodies, some special My Nintendo accessories and the like. Let’s start with a surprisingly fun looking sports game coming tomorrow.




Nintendo Download | Mario Strikers: Battle League

I can count the number of sports-themed games I own with less than half the fingers on one hand. Those games are Mega Man Soccer and the recently released Mario Golf: Super Rush. But starting tomorrow, I’ll be adding one more to that lonely roster – Mario Strikers: Battle League! Normally I don’t pay much attention to soccer, but when you throw in crazy abilities and tons of cool customization options, you have my attention. Our next featured title is hard to pronounce, but still looks promising – Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles. It’s a 3D action game based on the popular series with amazing visual flair. Lastly, if you love donuts, you might love Freshly Frosted. Combining attractive pastel colors and puzzling mechanics, it’s the sort of game you can just get lost in. Finally, if you want some special swag for Mario Strikers, you can get a drawstring backpack with your spare points. Now, let’s continue the Nintendo Download with some great sales.


Bring Back the Savings


Nintendo Download | Metal Max Xeno Reborn

We all love discounts, so here’s a few. If you love crazy Shmups, you can pick up PigShip and the Giant Wolf for $5.99. For a heartwarming tale, try Arise: A Simple Story – Definitive Edition for $9.99. For strategic action, try Defend the Rook for $8.99. Or to try a puzzle game with style, try Aspire: Ina’s Tale for $5.19. And to play as a raccoon, try Trash Quest for only $1.99.


Magical Mayhem


Nintendo Download | The Hand of Merlin

Time for more savings. To trip out with an insane tale, you can try Lila’s Sky Ark for $10.04. For a story of rebellion against all odds, there’s Rise of the Third Power for $13.99. For a stunning looking Metroidvania, check out Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- for $17.43. Or for something utterly crazy, try DEEEER Simulator for $11.99. Lastly, to try a really fun and unique puzzle game, there’s Evertried for $11.99.


Supernatural Seduction


Nintendo Download | Even If Tempest

Nearly at the end, but we’d be loathe to end without some new digital games to check out. First up, fans of retro adjacent titles can try the following – Ampersat, Super Perils of Baking and Thunder Kid II: Null Mission. If you prefer story, try even if TEMPEST, Later Daters Premium and Legend of Arcadieu Bundle. For epic adventure, try Delivery From the Pain, METAL MAX Xeno Reborn and The Hand of Merlin. Platformer fans can enjoy Dadish 3, Samurai Riot, Shishi: Timeless Prelude and The Wizard and The Slug. Mystery Dungeon fans might enjoy Square Keeper. And to get wild with board games, try JUMANJI: The Curse Returns.


Journey in the Jungle


Nintendo Download | Jumanji

And there you all have it! Thanks for your patience for a somewhat later than usual Nintendo Download. And be sure and tune in next week for the latest and greatest games on Nintendo Switch.

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