Omega moves on to MSC playoffs -

Omega moves on to MSC playoffs

AFTER RSG PH, it was time for the defending MSC champs, Omega Esports, to take their talents to the big stage. And just like their local rivals, they were also able to secure a playoff spot.

It just took a little struggle to get them there.

They started with a shocking 1-1 series draw against Thai team IDNS, though they managed to redeem themselves with a 1-1 result against their heated foes, RRQ Hoshi.

Both games reveal some of Omega’s hiccups in their clashes, but history has proven that a deadlier team can emerge during the playoffs.


Omega stunned by IDNS

The matchup between the defending MSC champions and their Thai rivals IDONOTSLEEP (IDNS) was basically a warm-up game for Barangay Omega… in Game 1.

From the start of Game 1, IDNS were stunned by the explosiveness from their rivals. With Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog and Patrick James “E2MAX” Caidic marshalling Duane “Kelra” Pillas, IDNS couldn’t grab a foothold in the botlane.

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And though they were able to counter Dean Christian “Raizen” Samagui’s Fanny with their Hilda pick, it didn’t really matter as Raizen had a smoother time controlling the jungle.

The scoreline in Game 1 said it all: 17-1 in favor of the defending MSC champs.

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With a lopsided Game 1 win, one would have expected more of the same in Game 2, but IDNS proved that they weren’t easily going to sleep.

Loysss’ Fanny overwhelmed Barangay Omega in the early game. Then by the late game, IDNS made crucial game-changing plays with IZY’s 19th minute Lord steal and, most importantly, the 22nd minute surprise led by ZanRi’s Natalia and Angelinaa’s Xavier.

IDNS likewise targeted Raizen and Kelra, ultimately leading to the Thai squad shocking the defending champs.

RRQ responds to Omega’s bragging rights

Luckily for Omega, they managed to secure their playoff spot all thanks to their rivals, RRQ, who swept past the rising Thai-based team. Based on the MSC’s ruling in terms of match duration, Omega had the advantage as they were able to blitz their way with a 17-1 win over IDNS, giving them the tiebreaker advantage.

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Plus, Omega was able to prevail over RRQ in Game 2, ultimately sealing their playoff spot.

While Game 1 saw them overwhelmed by Calvin “VYN’s” Franco, Game 2 was their redemption arc. While their teamfight prowess has been a staple since the MPL-S9 season, Omega revealed their hidden strategies as they opted to switch to a more objective-centric gameplan in Game 2.

It paid dividends as Duane “Kelra” Pillas had so much more room to operate. Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog was also able to intimidate his foes with his Khufra.

This was highlighted in the final play, as he made a surprise entrance that ultimately propelled his team to their playoff spot and a chance to defend their MSC title.

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