"Only team left that can win it all by Phil Jackson 's rule - Golden State Warriors": NBA Reddit comes up with former Lakers coach's theory that is correct for last 36/40 champions - bdsthanhhoavn.com

“Only team left that can win it all by Phil Jackson ‘s rule – Golden State Warriors”: NBA Reddit comes up with former Lakers coach’s theory that is correct for last 36/40 champions

Phil Jackson and his theory might have the Golden State Warriors as clear as the NBA champions of 2022.

There’s hardly any coach in the NBA who comes close to Phil Jackson’s success, excluding Red Auerbach, who had something else in that 10x Champion Boston Celtics team.

Greg Popovic is the closest thing when you consider the fact that Phil only got success when he coached a team full of the best players in the league in multiple positions. That’s it, that’s the list.

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And when coaches of that stature use some tactics on a regularity that is comprehensible by the rest, it becomes something like a mathematical theorem.

Their tactics and theories used by them regularly in games get iced in basketball fanatics’ minds forever, as they get into the Basketball Hall of Fame. One such, Jackson’s theory about a certain number of wins to start a season has given the NBA 36 of its last 40 Champions.


Warriors will be the 2022 NBA Champs by Phil Jackson ‘s theory

Thanks to a Redditor that got our attention to it the Golden State Warriors are the only team that could win the championship this season by Jackson’s theory, which states that:-

“If your team reaches 40 wins before it loses 20, they are contenders”.

For the last 40 years, every championship-winning team has hit this mark except 4.

1995 Rockets

2004 Pistons

2006 Heat

The Redditor forgot to mention last year’s champion the Milwaukee Bucks who lost 24 games before they could win 40.

Of the teams left in the playoffs, Golden State is the only team left to have hit that mark. As of February 1st, when Miami lost its 20th game, the team records were as follows.

Miami Heat (32-20)

Boston Celtics (27-25)

Golden State Warriors (39-13)

Dallas Mavericks (29-22)

Let’s see if it really turns out to be true. But we must again remind you that last year Milwaukee Bucks won the championship. Meanwhile, there were three teams in the West who started by Phil’s rule and couldn’t win it all.

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