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Rapper Rick Ross wishes to purchase stake in NFL franchise

According to reports, rapper Rick Ross wishes to purchase a stake in the Miami Dolphins of the NFL. Front Office Sports are reporting that the 46-year-old would like a 5% stake in the AFC franchise with a latest evaluation of $3.42 billion, meaning that a 5% stake would cost the rapper a stellar $171 million.

Rick Ross says he wants to buy a 5% stake in the Miami Dolphins 🐬Last valued at $3.42 billion, 5% of the team would be worth about $171 million. https://t.co/KNPwwh7Rqh

Is this the latest in a long line of people wanting to get into the business of owning or being part owner of a franchise? It was first reported that Tom Brady wanted to become a minority owner with the Dolphins. The 44-year-old retired and was thought to be on the move to Miami with former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton.

However, Brian Flores’ racial discrimination lawsuit against the franchise saw the NFL and other teams instead look in a different direction.

Should @MiamiDolphins sell me 5% stake in the organization? If so,what would the upside be for both sides or vice versa??

Next, the Denver Broncos’ sale to Walmart heir Rob Walton and his family sent shock waves through the NFL world, having cost them an incredible $4.65 billion. Philadelphia 76ers owner Josh Harris was also said to be in the market for the Broncos but was ultimately beaten to the punch.


It was reported that Harris was willing to go as high as $5 billion to get the deal done, so one can imagine that if any other NFL franchises become available, the 76ers owner will have his money ready to go.

Jerry Jones’ Cowboys the Biggest NFL franchise

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys.
NFC Wild Card Playoffs – San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones famously stated a couple of weeks ago that his franchise is worth $10 billion. With the Cowboys being one of the biggest sporting franchises on the planet, it is highly unlikely that Jones would even contemplate selling the team that he has spent so much time and money building into what it is today.

Jones told Peter King that he thinks he could get as much as $10 billion for his team and when you look at what the Broncos just sold for, the Cowboys are worth more than double that, according to Jones.


Back in 1989, Jones bought the Cowboys for a mere $150 million. Forbes’ latest evaluation of the Cowboys sits at $6.5 billion, making Dallas the most expensive franchise in the NFL.

It is unlikely that Jones will ever part ways with his money-making machine that is the Cowboys. However, if someone can meet his $10 million evaluation, he’s bound to look twice.

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