Real Madrid vs Manchester City | Champions League: How hard it must be for anti-Madridistas -

Real Madrid vs Manchester City | Champions League: How hard it must be for anti-Madridistas

The work on the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is on the right track, with solid foundations. Otherwise the stadium would have collapsed after the craziest night in Real Madrid‘s history.

Yes, the craziest. In the 1980s the legend of stage fright was born, but that was in the UEFA Cup, but getting into the Champions League final with two goals after the 90th minute? This generation of players went straight into the club’s history after a feat that was almost beyond even Real Madrid’s reach.

Remember the names of Karim Benzema, Rodrygo Goes, Fede Valverde, Edurardo Camavinga, Nacho, Marco Asensio, Thibaut Courtois, Dani Carvajal, Eder Militao, and Ferland Mendy, the players who achieved the impossible. Casemiro, Toni Kroos and Luka Modric, who played a great match and did not deserve to leave the game with elimination on their shoulders, were no longer on the pitch. But that’s what Real Madrid are, agonising.

The achievement is so great that it is unfair to single out one player over another. But Rodrygo, who scored both goals in stoppage time, will never forget this night. Neither will Benzema, who brilliantly took his penalty. And Camavinga? His introduction was again key. Fede is said to be still running.

Real Madrid, with all their history behind them, punished Pep Guardiola‘s stinginess. For 90 minutes they played to waste time, in a perfectly trained tactic. They ended up paying for it.

How hard it must be for anti-Madridistas

Rodrygo, what an appearance!

The Brazilian goes straight into Real Madrid history as the player who unleashed one of the craziest nights in recent memory at the Bernabeu.

Rodrygo’s two goals brought 60,000 people to their feet during the last few minutes of the match and the whole of extra time. As if it were a Turkish stadium, the end of Real Madrid-City was lived with the fans on their feet.

How hard it must be for anti-Madridistas

Impressive fans

Little is said about the Real Madrid fans, and when it is said, it is to criticise them, to describe them as cold and too demanding. This season, however, they have been responsible for destroying all the stories.

Always in tune with the team, the fans have created magical and unrepeatable moments that the players will take a long time to forget. After the celebrations in Cibeles, on this Champions League matchday the area around the Bernabeu was all white in an attempt to carry the team to the final.

Only 60,000 people entered the stadium, and when the bus arrived there were almost 150,000, according to the police.

What happened in the stands is now part of the club’s legend. The Bernabeu has never sounded like that.

How hard it must be for anti-Madridistas

What a penalty, Karim

Benzema took the responsibility from the penalty spot. Who else! He was slow to take the penalty and the psychological war with Ederson was tremendous.

The two went head to head, in a battle of maximum tension. In the first leg, he scored a panenka. In the second, softly, to his right, in his least safe area. Let’s give him the Ballon d’Or already.

How hard it must be for anti-Madridistas

If Jose Bordalas did what Pep did….

City waste a lot of time. They did it against Atletico Madrid and they did it again at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Pep Guardiola’s men got on the Bernabeu and the Real Madrid players’ nerves with their repeated time wasting. Yes, it’s legitimate, but some are continually singled out for it and others….

City’s game was perfectly coached. That said, they ended up paying for it in the end.

How hard it must be for anti-Madridistas

Courtois impressive again

Real Madrid have the best goalkeeper in the world. People will remember Rodrygo’s goals, but when Madrid were 1-0 down, it was Thibaut Courtois who kept his team on their feet with two stunning saves. Without him, the madness would never have come.

How hard it must be for anti-Madridistas

King Luka Modric and nothing else

How lucky Real Madrid are to have Luka Modric, undoubtedly one of the best players in the history of the club, a player who has defined an entire generation of Real Madrid fans with his quality, his way of being and his dedication.

It was exciting to see him beat Kevin De Bruyne in the first half and set the Bernabeu alight. A player who should retire with the club and when he wants to. Pure Real Madrid.

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