Scream’s Jasmin Savoy Brown Reacts To Neve Campbell Leaving The Sixth Movie

The horror genre has been thriving over the past few years, resulting in a renaissance that has thrilled fans and made a ton of money at the box office. Some of the best horror movies have returned to theaters via new legacy-quels, including 2022’s Scream. That acclaimed slasher featured newcomers like Jasmin Savoy Brown, who recently reacted to the news that Neve Campbell is officially leaving the upcoming sixth movie.

Shortly after the wild box office success of Scream was revealed, Paramount quickly announced that another sequel was coming from directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. But the cast was up in the air, with Neve Campbell revealing she was waiting on a script before committing to the role of Sidney Prescott. Campbell recently revealed she wouldn’t be returning due to a dispute about pay, to the disappointment of generations of fans. Jasmin Savoy Brown will be reprising her role as fan favorite Mindy Meeks-Martin, and was recently asked by Variety about the Craft icon not returning as the franchise’s hero. As Savoy Brown put it,

I absolutely respect her for that. I think that it’s hard to be a woman in this industry and in any industry at all. If any person, but especially any woman, feels that she deserves more – whether that’s a financial situation with work, out of a relationship, out of fill in the blank – if she can walk away, I support that.