Shelby GT500 From ‘Need for Speed’: Movie Car Monday

Need for Speed may not be going up for any academy awards, but it certainly fulfills its promise to be a genuine car film. It has everything from muscle cars, to supercars, to helicopters dangling a vehicle over the Bonneville Salt Flats. However, if you remember only one thing from the 2014 movie, it is likely the widebody Shelby GT500 and the wild scenes of it sliding around corners with a howling supercharged V8. 

What Shelby was in Need for Speed?

The 2013 widebody Shelby Mustang is actually a series of S197 Ford Mustang GTs. However, unlike a Ford Mustang GT, the widebody Shelby GT500 from the film is anything but stock. According to Street Muscle Magazine, the glamor car was a 2013 Shelby GT500, and some of the hard-working cars were seven Mustang GTs.