Silly heist movie will steal your heart -

Silly heist movie will steal your heart

Four Samosas begins with Vinny (Venk Potula) narrating how he is going to tell a story about love, friendship, and apologies. The film follows Vinny’s attempt to stop his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. He and his crew are going to break into Rina’s (Summer Bishil) father’s grocery store and steal the diamonds for her dowry. Will the gang of first time crooks be able to get the job done?

One of the most important aspects of any heist story is getting to know the characters. The film does a great job of introducing all of its players. The colorful text along with a description of who they are is nice, but Four Samosas is also filled with great writing. A case can be made that there is little depth to them, but what writer-director Ravi Kapoor provides gives insight into each of them, their culture, and the neighborhood they live in.

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The same can be said for Four Samosas in general. It is straight and to the point, with chapter breaks to help move things along. Things move at a rapid pace that is unlike similar films. This is not about a long planning session or a tense getaway. There is no wild card in this bunch. It is a character driven tale about finding your crew.

Fans of Wes Anderson will enjoy what they see.

This is a feel-good film in every sense of the term. The comedy is non-stop and Four Samosas is filled with quirky characters and silly interludes. The plot takes on plenty of themes, but it is all about having fun. Fans of Wes Anderson will get a kick out of what they see. Vibrant colors fill the screen and the editing is reminiscent of Anderson’s early films. Kapoor does an excellent job of framing his shots. This is most evident in the cutaways to the outrageous plans Anjali (Sharmita Bhattacharya) shares.

It is not just a carbon copy of another film, however. Four Samoas is about love, diamonds, and Ashoka. The Indian representation is an example of the strides the industry has made. Kapoor does a great job of giving audiences an authentic experience in an outrageous story. The fast paced storytelling is top notch and the characters are a fun group to watch.

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four samosas

[Tribeca ’22] ‘Four Samosas’ review: Silly heist movie will steal your heart

Four Samosas

Entertaining, hilarious, and all around fun heist movie that will put smiles on the faces of everyone who watches it.

Engaging characters that are fun to watch

Fun story

Might be to straightforward for some

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