Southern Hills, the history of Tulsa golf club -

Southern Hills, the history of Tulsa golf club

Once dubbed the “oil capital of the world,” Tulsa benefited from black gold for its expansion in the early 20th century. This logically results in the creation of a golf club, the Southern Hills founded in 1936.

This club quickly became the scene of major competitions including the US Open and of course the PGA Championship.

Southern Hills, history

During these occasions, the eyes of the golfing world are on this very iconic city for Neil Young fans who adore his mesmerizing, waterless clean track, The Last Trip to Tulsa.

We will never know the true meaning of the song, perhaps the rocker suffered the pangs of the heat which regularly invites itself to this city which in 1921 experienced one of the worst race riots in the country. The scorching temperatures at various tournaments are… chilling.

During the US PGA 2007 won by Tiger Woods, the average temperature was around 40°! Several players said the most important thing was to survive. Englishman Anthony Wall and Indian Jyoti Randhawa succumbed in the heat and retired.

After a successful first lap in 67, mixed with cigarettes and drinks galore, the hilarious John Daly declared: “We succeeded. Managed to play 18 holes”. Everyone had their method. The most experienced was that of John Daly, who did not play reconnaissance games, preferring to sweat on the gaming tables of an air-conditioned casino…

Like others, Darren Clarke chose a more classic solution: drinking the water. More than the others in fact: he would have swallowed 15 liters over 18 holes! Fortunately, in this week of May, the tournament should not reach such temperatures.

Perhaps only in the club’s parking lot, the scene of a settling of scores in 1981. A local mafioso fatally attacked a member of the club, the businessman Roger Wheeler, boss of the World League of Basque pelota which caused several hidden bets… But the most famous incident remains that which occurred in 1977 during a US Open.

At the head of the tournament, the American Hubert Green received death threats on the last day. They are very precise: “on the 15th hole, you will be shot down”. Warned, the player is offered a radical solution by the organizers: evacuate the crowd and play the next day!

Faced with enormous pressure to win a Major for the first time, “Hubie” ignores the danger and decides to continue his game. Simple joke or real threat that has not been carried out, no one will ever know. Still, the FBI took the matter seriously and organized close surveillance of the player who finally managed to win.

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