Subway Malaysia's mascot swings into KL with 3D OOH activation -

Subway Malaysia’s mascot swings into KL with 3D OOH activation

Subway Malaysia has brought its locally inspired mascot Sabweh to life via the 3D billboard at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Featured alongside other Subway food items including the Tuna sub and the limited-edition Seafood Patty sub, the mascot’s “One Foot Closer 3D” scene is showcased at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur’s Crystal Foundation from 10 June to July 2022. 

Designed by Malaysian artist Ernest Ng, “Sabweh” represents Malaysians’ love for the brand’s food and was officially unveiled during Ramadan this year. “The culture and personality of Malaysians has always been an important element in my work. I truly hope ‘Sabweh’ can bring joy to the people while embracing the unique way Malaysians love,” Ng explained. 

In addition to the 3D billboard, “Sabweh” will also be featured in Subway Mini World exhibitions in the upcoming month. As part of the exhibitions, the mascot will be showcased in different states, with the first exhibit happening at Tiffin at The Yard in Kuala Lumpur, and the second exhibition located at Queensbay Mall, Penang, the week after. Throughout the exhibition, guests will be able to view miniature Malaysian landscapes crafted by MinNature Malaysia, a group of miniature enthusiasts who makes miniature galleries. 

According to Subway, “Subway Mini World” celebrates the brand’s long history in Malaysia. The 3D billboard at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is owned by Brandavision and has featured several activations including Top Gun: Maverick, Coach, and Samsung. A+M has reached out to Subway for additional information.

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Sabweh debuted across Malaysia with limited-edition Raya packets, available for guests then to redeem in-restaurant with any purcahse. Hang Ee Laine, head of marketing, Subway, Southeast Asia, said previously that the partnership with Ng was a key milestone for the brand in its efforts to bring Subway closer to Malaysians, and it was excited to celebrate Ramadan with its Malaysian community.

 “We felt that the lovable art piece deserves a bigger stage, and decided to engage Ernest to create a series of limited-edition Raya-themed versions of Sabweh that our guests can take home this festive season,” Subway’s spokesperson said then. 

Meanwhile, Subway tied up with Pegacorn to open 500 new locations across Peninsular Malaysia over the next 10 years through a master franchise agreement in May. This tripled the number of Subway restaurants in the market, and steadily increased the annual restaurant count. Subway said previously that the partnership was the third of its kind for the brand in Southeast Asia, following recent master franchise agreements in Indonesia and Thailand, and significantly increased the total future restaurant commitment in the region. Additionally, the brand incrased the number of Subway outlets in non-traditional locations across Malaysia such as airports, hospitals, petrol stations, and convenience stores. 

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