Sudan: Conflict in Kulbus locality, West Darfur. Flash Update No. 01 (14 June 2022) - Sudan -

Sudan: Conflict in Kulbus locality, West Darfur. Flash Update No. 01 (14 June 2022) – Sudan



  • Following fighting between 6 and 11 June in West Darfur’s Kulbus locality, an estimated 50,000 people were reportedly displaced within Kulbus locality and in neighbouring localities in West Darfur (Sirba and Jebel Moon), and Saraf Omra and As Serief localities in North Darfur.

  • Over 125 people were killed, and many others were injured due to the conflict.

  • In Kulbus locality, 25 Gimir villages were reportedly attacked, looted and burnt. While a key Amir of the Arabs has discounted reports that three Arab settlements were burnt.

  • These conflicts have serious humanitarian implications as the insecurity makes it challenging to access the populations in need, both for ongoing humanitarian programmes and the newly displaced.


The conflict between 6 and 11 June in West Darfur’s Kulbus locality has displaced thousands of people, destroyed many homes, and seen livestock and homes looted. These conflicts have delayed planned humanitarian assessment and response missions to Kulbus, Jebel Moon, Sirba and Kereneik localities due to insecurity.

On 6 June, clashes erupted between the Gimir and Rezeigat communities in Um Hereez village in Kulbus locality, West Darfur. The conflict erupted following a dispute over land ownership between a Gimir and an Arab man. Both men were killed during the gunfire exchange and more people were killed when the clashes spread to a livestock waterpoint and Um Tuyur village. The Gimir community reported 101 of their people killed and 117 injured while an Amir of the Arab stated that 25 Arabs were killed and 16 injured during the clashes. In addition, nine Gimir people were abducted while in a convoy traveling between Saraf Omra and Kulbus and are still missing. Due to the conflict, 25 Gimir villages were fully or partially burnt and looted including Um Hereis, Hashab, Bideria, Savala, Malalis, Kideda, Um Ramarahik, Buyut Arbaa, Um Rakena, Werywery,
Khair Wajid, Hilet Rashid, Hilet Adam, Jakhjakh, Salman, Wikli, and Safra. Initial reports indicated that three Arab damras of Um Shikena, Abgifan and Borong in Kulbus locality were burnt, but the above-mentioned Amir of the Arabs denied these reports.

An estimated 50,000 people from Kulbus locality have reportedly been displaced to Adawi, Kulbus, Werywery and Jokha villages in Kulbus locality; Juruf in Sirba locality; Gosmino, Siliea and Aro Sharow in Jebel Moon locality; and Saraf Omra in North Darfur as per information provided by a delegation of the Deputy Sultan of the Gimir in Kulbus during a meeting with OCHA and UNHCR on 12 June in Ag Geneina.

The clashes spread to the villages of Haskanita, Masterha, Gos Jegi, and Um Deresa in Jebel Moon locality; Kafani in Sirba locality; and Galata, Fajara and Sanidadi in Kereneik locality. Three people were killed including a child, while three others were injured in Kafani and the village was reported partially burnt. In Jebel Moon, the Haskanita and Masterha villages were reported burnt and the Gos Jegi village was looted, and their residents were displaced to Juruf village in Sirba.

Due to the conflict, the Arab nomads moved with their livestock and are concentrated in Masterha administrative unit in Jebel Moon, Sanidadi and Marabeke areas in Kereneik.

Leaders of the Arab and Gimir tribes have discussed the need to prevent further escalation of the conflict. A committee has been established and is visiting the affected locations in Kulbus to urge their people to stop further hostilities.


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