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Tiffiny Hall gives emotional update after giving birth to baby Vada

Fitness influencer Tiffiny Hall has given a tearful update on how she’s feeling after giving birth to her baby girl, Vada.

In an emotional video posted to Instagram, the mum-of-two talked about the pressure to “bounce back” after giving birth, both emotionally and physically.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Tiffiny Hall’s tearful post-birth update

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The 37-year-old fitness guru, who rose to fame as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, welcomed baby Vada into the world on May 30 with husband Ed Kavalee.

A week later she posted a bathroom selfie holding baby Vada to show what her post-partum body looked like.

“Home from hospital with Vada. Juggling post partum recovery, nurturing the sibling relationship so no one feels left out, sleep deprivation and feeding,” she wrote.

“Let the 4th trimester begin. The washing can wait! Any tips?”

That photo sparked an outpouring of support, with followers congratulating Tiffiny for showing the reality of post-birth issues.

Now, in a new video, Tiffiny has addressed the time it can take for the body to heal after birth – and how mums often feel the pressure to get back “into shape” quickly.

Instead of making sure the body “bounces back” to its pre-pregnancy shape, Tiffiny said it was important for new mums to “bounce forward.”

“It’s not easy. It’s not easy to bounce forward and take the pressure off,” she said.

“I stand in front of my mirror, looking at my new body with my big bump, Vada’s house, and it’s really hard to accept that it’s going to take time.

Tiffiny Hall became emotional when talking about the pressure for new mums to ‘bounce back’ after having a baby. Credit: Instagram/Tiffiny Hall

“I’m super emotional too,” she added, before starting to shed tears.

“But it is going to take time. Healing takes time.

“It depends what birth you had too.

“I’ve got a few stitches and stuff going on and it’s all a bit painful.

“But she’s absolutely beautiful. She’s worth it. “

Tiffiny said her four-year-old son Arnold was asking why her tummy “is so big.”

“Bless him. He keeps saying, ‘Is there another baby in there, Mum?’,” she revealed.

“I’m trying to explain to him that it takes a long time for bodies to go back to normal.

“And it’s hard to accept it, but you have to take it one day at a time.”

The new mum said it was important not to let the “negative thoughts” take control.

“Everything the mind says, the body hears, and you’ve really got to remember that,” she said.

Tiffiny’s followers thanked her for showing raw emotion and talking honestly about life post-partum.

“I love this post. So raw and wow did it resonate with me so much,” one follower wrote.

“Be kind to yourself, you have been through a lot physically and emotionally.”

“Thanks for sharing. If only the world wasn’t so focused on outward appearances,” another follower wrote.

“The female body has 9 months to transition into the baby birthing body it is, and then people expect that you’re supposed to wake up the next day flat as a pancake.

“Very silly and no need to be sad cause all mums are so amazing and beautiful and there shouldn’t be any pressure on anybody to look any certain way after birth.

“Hope you keep smiling.”

“I’m cutting myself some slack, my body grew a human, and will start slowly back on the track to feeling more me,” another said.

“Thanks for being so honest, it’s probably helped so many of us feel very normal about our feelings.”

Tiffiny also spoke about body image after the birth of her first child, Arnold, in 2017.

Speaking to Stellar magazine, she said she was surprised at the feedback she got after talking honestly about struggling with her post-partum body.

“I was wearing a singlet, and I still looked very pregnant with fat arms, yet all these women were thanking me for being honest in showing my body,” she said.

“It made me realise that women really do feel pressure to bounce back – even five days after having a baby.

“I thought, ‘That’s it – I’m going to keep putting out images of my body’.”

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