Tour Edge Exotics C722 Iron Review -

Tour Edge Exotics C722 Iron Review

This players’ distance iron is loaded with technology like dual VIBRCOR TPU inside the otherwise hollow-body clubhead, to dampen sound and shock while producing fast ball speed. And then there’s the two-piece cast body with a forged high-strength, super-thin military-grade maraging steel clubface that’s plasma-welded to the stainless steel body. The Diamond Face VFT (variable face thickness) spans the clubface, meaning 92 different diamond shapes behind the face function as mini trampolines to create faster ball speeds and expand the sweet spot all the way to the edges. 

As with the sister Exotics E722 irons, we tested this by making impact on the heel, toe, low and high – and can confirm shots still seemed to travel close to where intended on the misses without any severe consequences.  This compact clubhead – it’s 15 percent smaller than its predecessor – takes a players’ distance iron design and adds preferred shaping with a shorter blade length and thinner topline. Plus, it’s just a classic shape that looks great at address and bears traditional lofting from iron to iron. The hollow body offers extreme perimeter weighting, giving you the distance and forgiveness of a metalwood with the feel and control of a forged iron.

Tour Edge Exotics C722 iron face

(Image credit: Scott Kramer)

We tried the irons only with steel shafts, and were wowed by both the satisfying feel and straight performance. Ball flight was generally as you would expect with steel – nice and straight. The standard grips – made by Lamkin – also felt nice to the touch. And consistency was super accurate, like you’d expect from the best golf irons on the market. For what it’s worth – and just like with the sister E722 irons – we thought the mid and shorter irons carried the ball extremely well. The longer irons performed as we expected – they felt powerful and offered bags of assistance off center. Also loved how we could just feel the weight of the clubhead at the top of the backswing – without it being overly noticeable. It just felt right. In fact, the entire set was a pleasant surprise.

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