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Ultra-rare LeBron James Triple Logoman NBA card worth …

Ever since Panini released its latest Flawless set to the public, the hunt for the ever-elusive Logoman card has gotten insane. Of course, things would become more interesting when Drake splurged more than $200,000 on countless Flawless cases just to land that one specific NBA card from the set – the LeBron James Triple Logoman. After a couple of months, that ultra-rare pull featuring the Los Angeles Lakers’ star has been found with its breakers winning a Lamborghini in the process.

Just recently, the guys over at Backyard Breaks hosted a Panini Flawless break via a Whatnot live stream. Earlier this week, the community marketplace announced that whoever lands the LeBron James Triple Logoman card will win a massive bounty – a 2021 Lamborghini Huracan. A few days after that, the said breakers pull the card and get to take home a Lambo.

In a statement, Whatnot Head of Sports Eric Shemtov said that their community is thrilled that the chase for the LeBron Triple Logoman has concluded on their platform.

“This is what the hobby is all about – finding rare cards that galvanize this passionate community. We’re proud to create an environment where these moments can happen,” Shemtov added.

Pulling this massive Logoman card of the Lakers’ All-Star forward is the culmination of a cray hunt that began months ago. At that time, Canadian rapper and Toronto Raptors lifelong fan Drake went on social media and shared a stack of Panini’s Flawless metal cases to search for the ever elusive Triple Logoman card, specifically that of the King. And while he did find some awesome cards, that One of One pull that featured the legendary player was nowhere to be found.

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What followed after that was a series of expensive purchases by Drake, which led him to land a couple of Michael Jordan rookie cards and notable Logoman cards of Patrick Williams, among others. Again, as great as those pulls were, it came nowhere close to the shadow of that LeBron James Triple Logoman card.

At this point in time, the initial value of James’ Triple Logoman from Panini’s latest Flawless set is projected to start at $3 million and end at a high of $5 million. While this isn’t the final price yet and details are still scarce on whether this will be graded or not, it stands to reason that this pull will, indeed, command a high value in the market. In any case, it can’t be denied that this is one card that will be remembered for a long time.

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